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  1. Thank you, everyone - very helpful. I've used Gualberto in the past for other things, and will see what he has to say. The last time, he condemned my washing machine, said it wasn't worth fixing. It's a problem; if you buy all your appliances at the same time, down the road they're also likely to die at the same time, which is hard on the budget. And as a renter, I'm not wanting to make a huge investment. Fridge is also showing its age these days, but one issue at a time...
  2. I think my little Acros gas stove needs help. Bought new in 2008 - what's their lifespan, anyway? Burners are carboned up and the oven control seems to have quit; heat just keeps climbing, no matter where it's set. Can anyone recommend a competent repair guy? Is "gasfitter" even a trade here? Everyone seems to do everything but I'm scared to death of gas and want someone who knows what he's doing...
  3. Rent! Hard on people with a fixed income. 14 years with the same landlord & got hit with a 70% increase last time the lease expired. It was that or move. Can't even blame the landlords when new people go around advertising how much they can pay without finding out what the going rates are. Who wouldn't take more?
  4. Would like to find a source for unbleached paper towels, toilet paper, etc. Is there anyone at Lakeside that sells?
  5. Thank you. Good to have a reminder.
  6. I bought an evaporative cooler last summer and it was a lifesaver, but just miserable to clean, as the water tray at the bottom cannot be completely removed. So many impurities in our water and if it sits in the cooler for long, it gets nasty. The instruction leaflet wasn't detailed but it did say not to add anything to the water, like a touch of bleach to keep things fresher. Is that an inviolable rule or has anyone used anything that helps with the problem without damaging the mechanism? It's early, but I need it already; it's going to be a looooong hot season!
  7. 21 years here, full time. Getting around is an exercise in frustration now; used to go from San Antonio to west Ajijic in 5 minutes but now can be anything up to an hour, depending day and time you're traveling. The lights are poorly distributed and tend to snarl rather than move the traffic. Not to mention the never ending construction and detours when you least expect them. It's definitely not the same town and I doubt I'd settle here now, as a newcomer. You can't help but wonder how much more the infrastructure will bear; there's only so much area between the mountains and the lake, so not
  8. Has anyone come across this locally, and if so where please?
  9. I've bought multiple flower seed packages from the Riberas Garden centre and so few produce even a single plant that I've given up trying. I did manage a baby Moringa tree from their seed tho. Successful plants are the best source, so mostly I gather my own where I can, roadside or from friends. Have a couple baby lychees from fresh fruit seeds and also a pomegranate.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try the Riberas store first because that's easy for me. This is amateur hobby stuff; I got some polymer clay from Amazon and am trying my hand at jewelry making. Looks pretty easy to get started, although obviously there's many more complex projects out there. I'll be happy if I can construct 2 earrings that match, for the moment...
  11. I don't recall a tile shop, probably because I've never been looking for one. Can you tell me where this is?
  12. Where can I buy a few smooth tiles to use as bases/cutting surfaces for my clay work? Buying a whole box from a tile outlet would be overkill. I'm in Riberas, so someplace close would be better right now...
  13. No idea what happened but was able to log in normally later in the day and place an order for the following day. Their system still seemed a little hinky when I went back in to check "previous orders" just to be sure, no one phoned me before delivery like they usually do, and I was missing a couple of items that I would have requested substitutions for. Maybe they're a little swamped with more people locked down at present?
  14. I've been using Walmart's delivery service for months, but this morning I was locked out of my account and haven't been able to get back in all day. If I have to stay in, I need some things, including meds. Is anyone else having problems or know when they might be functional again?
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