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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-53254200?fbclid=IwAR2LOD-FufmHwWGayxqf6AafSSq2iHs8ohqHfZvuI1Urdr_m31edKKUvLtM
  2. I trust you know that you can't put canned goods or bottled drinks in with bread or potato chips? Sadly, I've found a lot of the local baggers aren't aware of this.
  3. In the absence of graham wafers, has anyone had any luck making a crumb crust from one of the local cookies? Maybe Marias? Ricanelas? Canelitas? Other? If so, would you mind sharing your technique?
  4. Thanks - sound like what I need. Now a dumb question - where do I find mineral oil and some kind of injector?
  5. Thanks for the info, everyone. I've hired an exterminator who wrapped the chair in plastic and it's in quarantine on my terrace until Monday. Then a few more days for any fumes to dissipate. I hope I made the right choice; HJ did say pieces with these beetles should be tented for "at least 2 weeks", and even then he uses some kind of injected toxin after. I want to do whatever it takes; the cat would never forgive me if I get it wrong, and I really love this chair.
  6. Thanks for the phone # - the girl told me 8 to 8. I don't know why people reply to posts if they can't answer the question or provide anything useful...
  7. Does anyone know what Superlake's hours are since they reopened? Pretty sure they're different than formerly...
  8. Ok,, so posthole beetles, apparently , judging from the pile of super-fine powder in the rather poor photos I took, but I can't actually see any holes! Who can I call, locally, to help me with this? I don't know where to start, especially since I'm high-risk for covid and have hardly left the house for over 2 months! But now I'm terrified of having a real infestation that spreads to my other furniture! Hope someone has suggestions, and quickly. In the meantime, guess I'll move the chair out onto my terrace and cover so the birds don't trash it. I love this piece of furniture and I'm just sick about what's happening.
  9. Ok I need to explore some alternatives. Been isolating over 2 months now and I'd hate to succumb to something stupid like a termite proofing product at this point. That one sounds a bit scary and I have pets to consider. I've also been trying to avoid introducing any kind of toxins into my home and changing many of the products I use. I've put a couple of photos here, but I'm not sure they're useful...?
  10. Imagine my dismay this morning when I spotted a little pile of sawdust under my much-prized, more or less new rattan chair! Is there a product I can use - something to brush on maybe, or how can I protect my furniture? Sofa is also rattan so also a potential target, not to mention various wood items throughout the house. Very disturbing, since it's not rental furniture but all my own!
  11. 376-766-0612 isn't working; that's what I had. Neither is his cell #333-667-1656. Getting "El numero marcado no esta signado" (or something like that) on both.
  12. Is he even open? I don't want to go out and can't even if I wanted to because I have a flat tire, which is why I'm trying to reach him.
  13. Please, does anyone have a phone number for Roberto Hernandez who runs the repair shop near Superlake.? The one I have doesn't seem to be working.
  14. Thank you. That would seem to include me, and would have been nice to know in advance. I did get the car out this morning so I'm not trapped by my electric gate if it goes down. I can't fathom why they think it's is a good time to do this work - global pandemic, middle of hot season, everyone quarantined inside, everyone with larger than normal caches of food now at risk of going bad with no luz. Can you tell me how to find this info for future reference.?
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