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  1. I believe the vivero that brought plants to the Wednesday tianguis was the one in San Juan Cosala on the lake side of the Carretera, about half way thru town. You could visit in person and check.
  2. You don't have to grate it; I have bags of piloncillo granulado, tho I can't remember where I bought it. Assume it would have been one of the my usual places - Torito's, SuperLake, Pancho's, Walmart, Soriana...
  3. What happens if you use granular Piloncillo instead of brown sugar for a dessert? I can't drop everything and run to the store...
  4. Anyone know if I can add vinegar to the water and cycle it thru a few times to get rid of the dirt & crud that builds up from our tap water? The instructions say not to use anything BUT water, though I know the technique works for other appliances, like a coffee pot. My cooler is hard to clean because the bottom tray doesn't appear to be removable - tubes & misc. attached...
  5. NOT the time to be running all over town looking for something. Can anyone narrow down my search for polyurethane water-based varnish (Varethane?), in spray form if there is such a thing? Otherwise I can work with a paint can & brush, if that's what it takes; just need the product first. Using to seal air-dry clay and that seems to be what's generally recommended.
  6. They also eat spicy corn nuts. Heard a noise on the terrace outside my bedroom one night and took the flashlight to check - full grown opossum on its hind legs, bright red eyes glaring in the light, and hissing with bared fangs! In retrospect, I'm sure it seemed bigger than it was, but disconcerting, to say the least, so I didn't argue about the bag of corn nuts I'd left out by accident, and discreetly retreated.
  7. Millions wouldn't, but I remember the cow. I also remember the store, now that you mention - thank you.
  8. Thanks everyone. I really like that store, so that's very good news. Will check out the new premises this week!
  9. Was shocked to discover that the lighting store in Riberas near the Oxxo, my go-to resource, is gone. Is there another store that stocks a similar range of products? Currently in need of a lampshade - one of the ones with the double wire clip that slides right onto the lightbulb. Suggestions? Also in search of old, worn-out lampshades, the kind built over wire frames that delineate separate panels. Needed for a craft project and condition of fabric isn't important. Anyone harbouring any they don't need?
  10. I've had a PO Box in Ajijic for 20 years and still use it for certain things. Sometimes you require original documents (if and when they get through to you) and delivery is still erratic, though the guy on the motorcycle's been great about bringing my packages (if & when they get this far). Occurs to me though that maybe I have to change my mailing address and can't even begin to remember the number of people/places I would have to contact. Arrrrrgh! Or would mail directed to my Box number in the Ajijic office automatically find its way to Chapala now? I had no idea this was happ
  11. I get up to 5 of those calls a day sometimes on my cell phone. Spanish recordings or live but in mostly unintelligible (to me) Spanish. I've basically stopped answering the cell; I refuse to break my neck running for the phone only to hear that someone has a "time-limited, today only special offer." Incredibly annoying. I can always check my call list at my own convenience and call back anyone I actually want to speak to.
  12. Watch for the City trucks pruning in older neighbourhoods. I've picked up quite a few over the years from branches they cut and leave lying for a few days. In Riberas, but I'm sure elsewhere as well.
  13. Coincidentally, I also order from El Rey Tacos quite regularly and they have some terrific items, but yesterday's Asian Combo is one meal I won't be repeating. Tastes differ, I guess, but I ate just enough to take the edge off, and decided I didn't like it enough to finish. The egg roll was probably the best thing there. As to the char siu bao, I have 2 recipes from Woks of Life; one does call for cake flour but I actually prefer the steamed buns, which are from regular flour. Now I'm anxious to try - before I devour all the pork I made.
  14. For anyone interested in making their own Asian dishes, I've found a fabulous website and highly recommend it. For years I've tried unsuccessfully to make my own char siu (Chinese BBQ Pork), since the good stuff is scarce to nonexistent here, but none of the recipes I tried even came close. Then I found https://thewoksoflife.com/ and my fist batch came out absolutely restaurant-quality perfect! My next project's going to be turning some of it into Char Siu Bao ( classic BBQ Pork Buns) with another recipe from their site. So many great recipes, tutorials & general info from this fam
  15. The leaves on my little orange tree (calamondine) are covered in black spots. I've been using a toothbrush and my own nails to scrape them off, but getting each leaf just isn't possible. What can I get or make to treat this? Soapy water doesn't seem to be the answer...
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