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  1. Looking for a carpenter/ contractor to build a platform to hold and elevate an outdoor jacuzzi- hot tub. Preferably someone who has done this type of work before. We want to raise the hot tub and build a couple of stairs for entry. We already have the plumber/electrician but need someone who can design something to hold the tub in place.
  2. This is my second time around living in Lake Chapala. The first time was two years ago and I suffered from major allergy problems in the summer. This year I move back at the beginning of April and I’ve had no allergy problems whatsoever however every day I am noticing the inside of my ears itch a little bit and they are secreting a little earwax which I have to clean daily. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the altitude but I cannot find anything online regarding this. Was wondering if anyone else has this issue and any recommendations? It is not a significant amount, my ears are not blocked. My hearing is fine but every morning I have to clean the inside of my ears which I’ve never had to do before in my entire life.
  3. I’m looking at renting a house in Mirasol and it only has Telmex slow/ terrible internet. What are my other options and how long is the waiting list for ILOX? I’m also looking for recommendations for a new water filtration system since the water there is very bad.
  4. I recently retired to Lake Chapala and have my new visa Permanente. Does anyone know how I will be able to renew my existing US credit and debit cards without a physical address in the United States? . I have set up a virtual mailbox in the US as my billing address but I do not know if the banks will send my renewal cards to a PO Box since I no longer have a physical address in the US. I have accounts with Capital One and Bank of America and my cards will be expiring in a few years. I really don’t want to use a friends US mailing address and I don’t know what other options I may have? Anyone else out there having the same issues?
  5. I’m trying to find information about a new Lakeside medical company that I read will register your US Medicare account and arrange for direct billing in case of a medical emergency I cannot remember the exact name so I cannot look it up on the web board. I do recall reading that they billed at very high rate Any information on this company and opinions both pro and con would be greatly appreciated
  6. I just arrived and unpacked my HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 and I cannot get the paper tray to go back in the slot. When I look inside there is only about 7 inches before there’s a large piece of metal going across the across blocking the entrance for the paper tray. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? The printer turns on and is connected to the Wi-Fi but there’s no way to slide in the paper tray because something is blocking the access pathway about halfway back.
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