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  1. Manix Restaurant and Bar #57 Ocampo, Ajijic 766-0061, or 331 065 0725 CELEBRATE OUR 33RD ANNIVERSARY all the Month of September At Home-delivery or take out or Dine In by reservation We will have Gourmet Mexican Recipes from Dona Julia and Manix all month Tuesday/Wednesday 2x1 Specials Make your reservations now Abby Rivera sings 6:30 – 9 :00 *White fish Mediterranean (olives, capers, tomatoes) w Manix special mashed potato, roast veggies and famous souffle *Fried Shrimp w cole slaw and French fries *Milanese of beef Parmesan w Manix spe
  2. Update on Antonio, the young man in need of a kidney transplant. If you know of anyone who could help here or up north. The foundation we contacted has official status here and the US, Canada is unknown. Please PM me if you have any ideas? Now to Antonio. His blood tests say he is in good shape at 34 for someone who needs a transplant, meaning he has been taking care of himself. Still, it looks like he has to wait for 10 months to come to the top of the wait list. A sister is a perfect match. He has yet to meet with the nutritionist, and mom too
  3. there is a 77 year old retired Mexican teacher in Chapala who has had a botched knee job. I have been asked to find her a walker with seat and brakes. What can you do for me? Please pm me! Thanks Harry
  4. We had 12 cairn terriers and a security big dog when we had a horse farm and a breeding/showing program, no complaints. With the close proximity here , there is no excuse to have a quantity of barkers. A small pack can be trained to not bark, too much. I believe there was/ is an ordinance/ tradition for requiring a license to maintain more than 4 dogs? Viva Chapala!
  5. We have our SSI checks deposited directly to Multiva and have an ATM/debit card to keep the balance under 10K US. We do report a foreign account. Their investment side gives a better transfer rate for 10K or +
  6. Don't misunderstand . I am working on getting the senior flu shot here and I have been given promises about the first or second week of October? Viva Mexico!
  7. not a doctor , but, precautions for covid would also work for flu
  8. I have been a Multiva customer both bank and investment and have been treated very well for many years. We I have been in the hospital, they even offered to come to my bedside to get signatures. Sra Monica is great , but all are helpful and most speak english!
  9. Manix 33rd anniversary, tonight Come celebrate our 33rd anniversary, with Abby Rivera singing 6-9 and happyhour 6-7. There will be a special anniversary menu. Call 331 065 0725 for a reservation. There is a parking lot 100 meters west of us on the lake side
  10. Maybe someone nearby could setup a wireless video camera? The police are responsive to detailed video that leads them to criminals.
  11. This is a problem we have created our selves. 20 years ago we had bobos for a few weeks in August. We brought swimming pools. flower pots, sprinkler systems and landscaping that all provide moisture for breeding. Again, thankfully they don't bite!
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