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  1. you can get a free ap for your phone and probably send the results to what's app.
  2. Manix makes Reubens always, not just for special occasions. Corned beef is made in house by Hector! The original Title was "Corned Beef and Cabbage " so I posted! BTW Manix makes March 17 a holiday with decorations and presentations!
  3. I have a nephew who is a published authority on starting ministries. He starts churches in bars Sunday mornings!
  4. I have solar and havent paid a CFE bill in 4 years and my lights went out 4 times the night before last and twice last night. I asked Ajijic Delegado Juan Ramon if he knew what was going on and he had nothing. He had the same in his house.
  6. Maybe she has. I don't know every detail. Just that back then they didn't know the virus. She was in college in Jacksonville Fl. and was very sick
  7. Our niece was very sick in Florida a year ago last december. Her mother is a PA and was told at that time it was a virus . but, they didn't know which one.
  8. It has always been stated that maintenance of sidewalks including to the center of one's street was the home owner's responsibility. Mayor Moy and Delegado Juan Ramon have extended an opportunity to get municipal help. Please see the article below from the Seminario Laguna THE CITY COUNCIL STATED THAT IF THERE ARE NEIGHBORS WHO WANT THEIR SIDEWALKS REHABILITATED, THEY WILL HAVE TO PUT THE MATERIAL AND THE GOVERNMENT THE LABOR February 24, 2021 Editor Ajijic No comment http://semanariolaguna.com/wp-conten
  9. ANEZEH SHRINERS Lake Chapala Shrine Club Ishop Postal # 620 Carretera Chapala- Jocotepec 144, San Antonio, Jalisco, Mexico 45900 Tel. 376-763-5126 WHAT HAPPENS TO THE MONEY RAISED BY THE SHRINE CLUB ? Compared to Shrine Clubs in the U.S. and Canada, our Club is relatively small, but very active. Our biggest activity is helping lakeside children with medical problems, either at the Shriners Hospital in Mexico City or locally at L
  10. The zone which includes Chapala will be getting the Pizer vaccine. If you expect rapid response to ANYTHING in Mexico you are sadly deluded and in for a never ending succession of disappointments.
  11. Manix is the place for all special days. St Pat's too. Call 331 065 0725 for safe dining in , takeout or delivery!
  12. #HarryB

    Jeep CJ5 1976

    beat your kidneys to death?
  13. they are in the lake. Check fish stores serving the local community , not gringos.
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