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  1. I've been told that this process is fairly easy if you can assemble a suitable package of documents. I've looked to see exactly what these are, and found the INM website to be more than a little cryptic on this. Can someone please identify which docs are necessary to bring to one's appointment? I have completed the Formatico Basico, and wonder if I need more than this one, and if I must assemble supporting financial docs again. I did this a year ago at the Mexican consulate, and nothing has changed, but that's a risky assumption. Also, the name on my passport is not identical. i.e Joe Biden vs Joseph....LoL
  2. It's a TIP extension related question, but with Covid and medical aspects. Are there considerations by Mexico Aduana for extending my tourist TIP for a year? The TIP expires April 15th, 2020 and I had planned to drive out to Houston, where we usually leave the car, on April 4th. Our April 7th YYC flight (and others) have been cancelled. Because I busted my kneecap, and it needs to stay straight for another 2 weeks, I cannot drive or fly until then. If I extend the TIP for a year, we can take a repatriation flight, but have the TIP issue to deal with. Any thoughts on how to best handle the paperwork, if that is a worthwhile activity?
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