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  1. Thanks everyone a friend is shipping one down from the states. Have a good day.
  2. Hi. Ive just been through parasites, thrush pneumonia and now heart problems. For the 1st time in my life i am having trouble breathing. I need to get back to New England to have medical tests regarding my heart. It was strongly suggested i do not fly for a month, but the dr said i need the tests asap. I plan on taking bus to Nashvile to stay with relatives and have tests there. I need to buy a portable oxigenator, used if possible i am on a budget. Or i would appreciate if anyone knows where i can buy one. Ive asked the oxygen delivery companies, but they just want me to rent. Thanks for reading sorry if too detailed or long. Again i would appreciate any help, suggestions etc Everyone have a good day. Best..Joel
  3. Hi I have a bad case of bronchitis and lung and sinus infections. My dr had me order oxygen. Its a machine and not a tank, i dont feel its helping at all. Has anyone been on both and could let me know which worked better. I had a bad case of flu in 2016 and i was on a tank. I could breathe normally in one day. Any answers etc would be much appreciated. Thank you. Have a good day.
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