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  1. Greetings To All We are new to the area and wondering just where the TelMex office that's currently open, is located. The TelMex office in Ajijic according to the website is closed and we're unable to locate just where theirin other offices, ARE located. If anyone has ANY helpful information in this regard, it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Greetings To All I would like to thank everyone who provided helpful information on contractors. As many of you know, making this transition from a home you've known most of your life to a new country, has its' share of challenges. But we're looking forward to the adventure and again, 'thank you' for your support! AA
  3. Zed, Zeb, Happyjillin Thanks for your helpful responses. We are having quite a bit of work done...new tile floors, cabinetry in kitchens. In addition, we have to replace our propane tank, plumbing repairs and new light fixtures. THAT Is the low hanging fruit. So again, any and all suggestions from people whose work you've been satisfied with, would be greatful. Happyjillin just curious - Did Amigo Rogy do all the exterior work you have in the picture? Roofing?? Would appreciate all referral info. Thank You AA
  4. I really, really want to occasionally utilize this webboard as a resource for information from locals in the community. It appears this is a place for SOME, to simply vent their spleen randomly at others. Wish everyone the best and Happy Father's Day. AA
  5. Greetings To All - We've recently relocated to San Antonio/Tlayacupan and have brought a home. We're in the process of hiring contractors for renovations and have 1 gentleman we're interested in. Alejandro Vasquez He seems to be pretty sharp, but we welcome any and all Customer Reviews from folks who've had work completed, by Alejandro. Look forward to your replies AA
  6. Greetings and Good Evening To All We are a couple from Colorado who just recently purchased a property in the area, and are planning to be moved(hopefully), by NLT than this Summer. One of our budgetting concerns is the general costs, for private health and auto insurance. If anyone can share information on costs and helpful resources they would recommend for private health & auto coverage, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ! ArcosAngels
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