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  1. One of the najor things I love about Lakeside and Nexico in general is CIVILITY. People tendbtobtreatveach other with respect, courtesy and attention. So refreshing.
  2. No Community or group uses have come forward so I'm reconsidering the idea of individual studio rentals. Not live-in, just studio space. With 3200 sqft there is room for at least 4 studios. And Im wondering if there any printmakers out there who would committ to keeping a print making studio happening if an etching press (22x30 bed) were added to the equation.
  3. My warehouse in Chapala sits empty a good part of the year and I would like to see if their are arts people who have a vision but not the space. My bodega is 3200 sqft/300M2 with 5 secure skylights. It was on the market but hasnt sold so now thinking maybe the space has a higher purpose. I'm more into collaboration than rental but Im open to suggestion. An art school is one idea....gallery another. Ive been using it as a live work space since 2006. Text me in Seattle at 206.340.8881. Www.billyking.com
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