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  1. Too bad Computer Guy isn't here any more. Maybe he could help you.
  2. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...when your cats are as picky as mine are! 😸
  3. Amazon.com.mx has many choices with one to two week delivery times.
  4. Yet another funeral procession just passed by my house. I think there's been one every day this week. Instead of bickering can we all be mindful of the fact that too many of our neighbors lost their lives this week? They deserve better than the bs contained in this thread. May they all Rest In Peace.
  5. The only place I've ever been able to get orchids to bloom again was in Chicago, inside an office building. Here, not so much. I'll follow some of the advice above and see if I have better luck!
  6. Here you go sm1mex... Free Delivery Entrega Gratis Horarios Domicilio – Take Out Hours Lunes/Mon 12pm – 8pm Martes/Tue 12pm – 8pm Miercoles/Wed 12pm – 8pm Jueves/Thur 12pm – 8pm Viernes/Fri 12pm – 10pm Sabado/Sat 12pm – 10pm Domingo/Sun 12pm – 8pm
  7. Such horribly sad news. My heart hurts for all of the families.
  8. You can find a nice selection both inside and outside the Tuesday Farmers Market in West Ajijic.
  9. Actually, there is repair happening. Crews have been working on Rio Bravo and Ocampo for the last few weeks.
  10. I highly recommend Michaela and Ricardo at retireinlakechapala.net. They are wonderful people.
  11. It's traditions like this that attracted me to this beautiful county. May this virus pass so traditions such as this can live on. Thank you ezpz for sharing the info and the photos. 🌞
  12. Is it a Great Kiskadee? https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Great_Kiskadee/media-browser/36202971
  13. ...and they've just arrived in West Ajijic! Now I know what you all have been talking about. 😉
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