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  1. bmh, so sorry to hear of your loss. My family had a similar experience when my brother died of a heart attack last November. The ambulance service called the cops who came and locked the place up for over four months to "investigate" even though we proved natural cause of death. It took an appearance in front of a judge in March to finally order the place opened. I'm disappointed to hear this is going on with others. I was hoping it was unique. It's a heads up for expats. My thinking is to have somebody call a doctor ONLY as he should have full authority to make decisions. Perhaps include this in your personal directive? I look forward to your developments.
  2. I made a donation of 1700 pesos in my brother's name to Lakeside Friends Of The Animals A.C. I encourage animal/pet lovers to do the same, in some amount. Not only did Mike donate to them on a regular basis, he also adapted two cats from this shelter, Winston and Spunky. Winston unfortunately ran away, maybe found a forever home he liked. Mike then found Patches. Both Patches and Spunky are alive and well and living their best life at Mike's partner's house. Lakeside Friends Of The Animals A.C. is located at Av. Hidalgo #212, Riberas del Pilar, Chapala, Jal. 45900. Phone#: (376) 765 55 44. Web: www.lfa-chapala.com. Facebook: lakesidefriendsoftheanimals
  3. That's awesome Solar. Thank you. Sign me up. So, just go to their office in Chapala?
  4. As an alternative to the Heart Institute, it would be nice to give to a local charity on Mike's behalf. For example Mike gave to the local food bank regularly. He also adopted two cats, Patches and Spunky. Consider these.
  5. I'll look into it. Let me know if anybody here has a suggestion. Heart-related.
  6. "Michael David Riley August 17, 1952 - November 8, 2021 With profound sadness, the family announces the passing of Michael Riley, at the age of 69 years. Cherished father of Erica Riley and predeceased by his son Matthew Riley. He is also survived by his longtime partner Cecilia Walters and her son, Nyah Walters, and his brothers Chris Riley and Steve Riley. Mike passed away suddenly at his lakeside home in Riberas/Chapala, Mexico early morning on November 8th from a heart attack. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends, his clients, as well as his two cats, Patches and Spunky. Mike moved to Ajijic in 2003 with his mother Shirley, and soon after became known to the community as “Mike the Computer Guy”. A longtime technical expert, Mike helped many expats, locals, and gringos alike with their technological needs as well as editing books by local authors and designing book covers. He was passionate about music, movies, and books of all kinds, and would make people laugh with his witty banter. Mike was the funniest guy in the room and could always bring a smile to your face. In lieu of flowers, a donation to the Ottawa Heart Institute or a charity of your choice would be appreciated by the family." My family will be posting this in our local newspaper in Ottawa, Canada. Chris Riley
  7. I luvs me some bass fishing! Will be bringing my gear with me when I move down there. Would love to meet up with some other fisherpersons when I get there. Let me know. "fish on!"
  8. I rented a car from Margaret Ancira in March 2020 when I was lakeside. I recommend.
  9. Newbie here, can confirm. 😉
  10. Microdosing psilocybin as a treatment for depression, anxiety, and PTSD is on the rise. Microdosing is taking a small fraction of what is considered a recreational dose. Small enough that there is no apparent psychoactive effect, no hallucinations. Microdosing is reported to "improve mood, induce physical and mental stimulation, and encourage creative thinking". Check out this discussion from James Fadiman on this topic:
  11. Some folks are just not getting it. They continue to go about their day with little or no regard to the realities. If you are having problems with anyone in this regard, here are some tips from CBC that may be of help to you: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/coronavirus-people-defying-officials-1.5507061
  12. Thanks, mudgirl. Someone else mentioned that. I will take a look. I'm surprised so few people use double edge razors around here. It's on the rise again.
  13. Airport confiscated my 5-pack of Derby blades on my way here. Tried a multi-edge razor...I miss my blades! Any idea where to get?
  14. Useful if the question was "Does anybody know if there are ATM machines at the Guad airport"? It was not.
  15. I'm not the server. Thanks for the phone number.
  16. Joco, I get "Your IP was blocked by the server firewall." Do they have a public-facing web site, or phone number? Thanks.
  17. Oh, is it TUFORD or TURFORD@yahoo.com?
  18. I sent an email to Linea for quotes. Also found E&A Car Rental. Unfortunately they're booked up for the month. Will contact Mark.
  19. Hi. I'm visiting Lake Chapala in March. Will be a couple of times I'd like to go to Guadalajara. Can anyone recommend a car rental outfit along the lake? Much thanks.
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