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  1. I would like calls from the States tomy Amerian Magicjack number to forward to my Mexican phone number on my ATT on iPhone. People have told me that this is possible, but when I put my Mexican nimber--that is, 52 and the number in the number to forward to, Magicjack tells me I can't do it. Am I screwing something up? I would sure like to have people NOB call me on my MJ numbrer and have it ring on my cell. Thanks
  2. Will a US Magicjack number, for example 202 123 4567, forward to a Mexican number on an iPhone? Thanks.
  3. What is the best way to have an American phone number that rings on an iPhone here? I have no interest in my landline, just want people in the States to call me without a lot of forwarding. Many thanks.
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