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  1. Sorry WideSky .....hahaha i will try and do better in the future .......haaha Thanks Jeff
  2. Thank you very much Saludos, I researched and visited Guadalajara and Lake Chapala the 1st 2 weeks last November and am considering the area to retire in about 2 1/2 years. Your information is very helpful for me to consider relocating to Lake Chapala area. Jeff
  3. thanks much 4 the numbers Saludos, is the 12X40 m2 or sq ft.? do you need a Mexican Resident Architect or/and Engineer to get a building permit in Chapala? Can you contract as an owner/builder? thanks jeff
  4. Hi new to this group but interested in the cost of simple warehouse costs to construct. Also, what is the average cost for land, say, in Chapala for commercial property? Simular to this property https://chapalamls.net/properties/price-reductions/artist-bodega-4475 Thanks Jeff
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