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  1. Please forgive me, I had to chime in as there is so much misconception around this subject and I can never pass up an opportunity to educate; There are two types: Type 1 is autoimmune whereas diet and exercise do not play a part in onset. People with T1 were often thin, athletic and young at time of diagnosis, like myself. My immune system went into hyperdrive as a result of an MMR booster shot, in other words, my immune system went after my own beta cells (insulin producers) and destroyed them all. I require insulin injections to convert foods into glucose/energy. Daily life is high-wire act when living with T1, but like all invisible diseases, no one can see it from the outside (aside from our Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors). Type 2, on the other hand, is a metabolic disorder which is nearly 100% curable by lifestyle changes in diet and physical activity. A person with Type 2 is still making insulin, however their body becomes increasingly unable to use it due to a lack of proper nutrition and efficient fuel-burning activities. To keep your car running well, use quality fuel, keep fluids fresh, and drive it regularly! T1 and T2 really should be renamed to reflect their vast differences, one is a disease and the other is a condition.
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