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  1. I’m flying in on July 6th and have stem cell treatment on July 7th with Dr. Justyna Jimenez at Clinica de Rehabilacio Integral; Carr. Poniente #234 B Int., Ajijic. I am a US citizen. Thank you!!!!
  2. So I’m getting conflicting information in regards to traveling. I have a medical treatment on July 7. Does anyone know with the new cases popping up if we are going to be allowed to travel? I know it’s a little less than a month out I’m just curious what the rules are now. One site says one thing and another says something different. ???
  3. Ok so maybe I’m not on the up and up on Mexico well cuz I’m not but I have been trying to call Ajijic all day and the number I’m calling says it’s not working. It’s a Clinic. Would this be why?
  4. I read a post earlier and now I cannot find it where it references a Cow Apartment what exactly is that? Thank u
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