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  1. What are his office hours? I might visit his office or give him a call tomorrow to ensure everything is in order. Thanks to both replies. Also do they need to see the car when registering? If I can't register it this time around, I probably won't bring the car back to GDL for a while, next time I am here I will probably be without the car, could I bring the paperwork and registered it while the car is in Texas? Can they just accept a CURP or do I have to bring my residence card? I downloaded my recently issued CURP and wondering if I could print that out and just do it
  2. I am slated to receive my temporary residency card finally sometime in the next week or so, and I bought a car about a month ago, went through the whole procedure but didn't register it yet. I have all of the documents that I need except my residency card (soon) and I also have a proof of address, but not in my name, it's from the host of the Airbnb I am staying at now. I looked online to see the procedure, but I am afraid it might not work with a proof of address not in my name (water bill). The Airbnb host has been very lukewarm to me and I don't feel confident in as
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