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  1. The prices are 50% of the purchase price. Because of the new tax laws my accountant says I can't even receive a tax deduction if donated to the Red Cross or other organizations.
  2. I have Medial equipment for sale including: Ventilator a Pulmonar Philips trilogy 200 purchased for 220,000 pesos for sale for 144,000 pesos purchased in 2019 and used 90 days; Continuous Pump and DVT sequence flowtron for $45,000 pesos; Resmed Stellar 150 series non-invasive/invasive for $90,000 pesos; Aerogen Pro Nebulizer $19,000 pesos; CPAC Resmed Pro !! Nasal air curve 10 $20,000 pesos; So Clean for CPAC, APAP,Bi-Pap $5,500 pesos; Humidificador H31 IDEM CT for $6,000pesos;Aspirator New Askir 30 $4500 pesos; Responics evenflo Oxygen Concentrator $11,500 pesos. I can bring equipment to you for viewing. Most have the manual in English and Spanish. Used by one patient under care of nurses - all equipment is premium.
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