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  1. I had two bad interaction with customs in Guadalajara. First they held onto a shipment of skin cream and told me I would have to find a customs agent, then hire him/her and then the agent would have to inspect the package, certify it was skin cream and then they would release it. I live 3 hours away, and so told them to just sent it back. I then called the vendor, had them ship it to my son in Denver, and I brought the products back with me in my suitcase after I visited my son. Second issue was shipping old CPR mannequins to a University. My old hospital in the U.S. was giving them away as they were ordering new ones. They weren't worth anything, but even with arguing with customs that it was a charitable donation not worth anything, they basically held it for ransom until the university paid them. They didn't even notify anyone that the mannequins were being held by them - I found out after investigating when the university started asking where they were a week past the scheduled delivery date.
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