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  1. Your right ferret shit does happen and it always rolls down hill.   Nobody was happy up here in 2008 either, maybe the moneyed who picked over the financial carcass that was left.  Who said anything about stretching myself thin enough to lose it all.  Wouldn't dream of it, just trying to get my mind around the finances of it all and provide accordingly.  By the way, It's feeling a little bubbly up here again

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  2. Hi all, I just registered ! I've been lurking for a while now and haven't seen answers to some of my questions. I'm rainman because that's what it does here (Tacoma Wa.) Everyone seems to agree that home values are high now for that area.  However, if the peso were to go back to 10 or 15 to u.s. dollar how would that affect the buying selling market. I mean buying power would decline. How does all this affect the housing market. What am I missing.  Thanks Rainman

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