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  1. I was wondering if anybody knows if they have started accepting applications in Mexico City or any other SRE offices?
  2. Could SRE in green state as Campeche be opened to accept naturalization applications?
  3. For federal, you just present passport, residency card and birth certificate and indicate this is needed for process of naturalization? Thank you https://www.gob.mx/cms/uploads/attachment/file/501856/ANTECEDENTES_07-2.pdf
  4. I'm wondering, to request a federal report, do you need any letter from SRE? What are the requirements to secure the federal report?
  5. Thank you! How hard/long would it take to get a print out from INM for the missing copy of the first year Temporary residency card? Could one apply for this print out before date of eligibility to apply for citizenship. Thank you
  6. I would like to ask if anybody aware how do you prove that you have been in mexico 5 years when you apply for citizenship. We are renewing the temporary residency for another 3 years after initial first year. They have taken the original residency cards with the application. How do you prove that you have been in mexico under temporary residence when you apply for citizenship. They do not make the process easy do they? Thank you
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