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  1. Electro employees will not wear masks. We told them that we will not return.
  2. Canadians who drive here, many with pets cannot cross the border into USA to get to Mexico.
  3. The money they withold is 1.45% of your entire investment. The interest they show is for the term of your investment, payable 30 days, 90 days etc. The withold is only once a year or term. I am assuming you just saw the peso values & worked out the % . One has nothing to do with the other.
  4. I have a new modem. There are two SSIDs : Infinitum****_5 & Infinitum(same #) _2.4. What does this mean & which to use?
  5. Raining in Ajijic village
  6. Our gas bill is up about 30 % since 2014 to today. See my other post to see details since 2017.
  7. We buy from Juan, Los Altos. We have stove, dryer, gas fireplace & waterheater. The prices do not go up continually. I have the receipts in case you disbelieve. 2017 - Dec 9.98 2018 - Feb 10.29, July 10.05, Nov 10.49, 2019 - Feb 10.79, July 9.59, Aug BBQ tank Ajijic 8.83, Nov 8.99 2020 - Jan 9.29, Apr 8.96
  8. Our Shaw is fine. No problems.
  9. The day after Trump cancelled visitors from EU, AF reinstated their flight from MEX. to France. A reply to my email however stated that I could have a total refund. However, since it was seat sale - business class, they will only give a travel voucher. Uniworld river cruise is doing the same. No cash but I understand. If they all had to give cash they might be out of business. We will take the trip next spring.
  10. Thanks for the update. It will be interesting to see if I get a refund.
  11. Air France/KLM flights from MEX to CDG Paris have been cancelled due to the viris. They suggest an alternative airport - JFK. Not acceptable. It seems this advisory is from Mexico.
  12. The bike path will be safer to walk than the Carretera. Thanks for the reply's.
  13. Has there been any discussion of sidewalks on the carretera from Aquiles Serdan to Juarez in Ajijic . We have to walk that route and return daily. Even a continuation of the bike path would be welcome. Harry, have you heard anything?
  14. My Samsung Note 8 uses "Hey Google " perfectly. I say "Hey Google call Joes Pizza" & she replies "calling Joes Pizza" We purchased a Samsung galaxy S3, International & use same Telcel plan. It manually dials numbers fine & "Hey Google" works great with the exception of making calls. She replies "cannot make calls yet". Researching I find that "Hey Google" for phone calls is only to work in USA, Can. & UK. I have Hotspot Shield on both units using USA as location. I tried Surfshark & "Hey Google"made one call but no more after that. Why does she make calls on
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