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  1. Yes, trucks are inspected once a year, and given a sticker with month and year of the inspection and stuck on the windshield...
  2. I live across from the park in Chapala, hear the ladies every morning sweeping at around 6 am,,,,
  3. Oklahoma, Texas, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline...Kinda says it all, although I did like Patsy Cline....LOL....
  4. Its because its profit of people, same as it always was!!!
  5. One of the developers is a friend of mine, 32 houses going in....Is it legal?..No clue, the guy is a lifelong resident here, and very well connected...
  6. The Ajijic crowd needs to get to the lake and find some moist sand, so you can stick your heads as far down as possible...Please let me have it...LOL...
  7. I have no clue what you are talking about...Thank you to all, who are treating their employees with kindness and respect...They work hard and deserve it..
  8. If I told you what I do for my maid and her family, you would see that trying to get my maid to darn my socks, or cook for me at her house, because I pay her to stay home and be safe, is, yes PATHETIC...We have everything, they have nothing, just trying to balance things out a little!...Not rich, just average dude, who has a heart...Sorry to offend you!..
  9. Standing by my comments, lots of givers here!!....Passing judgement?....On who?
  10. Here! here! to all the unselfish givers, some awesome people here..I too treat my maid very well...
  11. Thanks for the spelling lesson, in the US now....That's funny...Spell everything ok for you?
  12. Read Ferret's post...There you have it....
  13. Never mentioned how long I have been here?...Agree doesn't matter...
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