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  1. 1.45 m height, 1.65 m width 1500 Pesos 376-766-4084
  2. SIZE: Queen: 59.06” x 74.80” (1.50m x 1.90m) Nearly New - Perfect Condition 20,000 pesos 376-766-4084
  3. Nice low kilometer (84K) luxury sedan. Below Mx dealer book value only 14,000 pesos. Email Manitou07@gmail.com for a sales sheet.
  4. In August BBVA began charging me 70 pesos per month for insurance. The stated purpose of the insurance is to protect me against loss if I make a withdrawal and then I am robbed of the money. I never signed up for the insurance it was simply added to my account. To date I have been unsuccessful in canceling the insurance and getting refund of the charges to my account. Recently I have learned that I must fill out a form to get the insurance cancelled. However they will not reimburse me for past charges. I believe it is wrong for BBVA to attach this cost to my account without my knowledge or approval. Does anyone have a similar experience?
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