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  1. Thanks to all for your input. I think I will just park.
  2. I will be wintering lakeside this year, and will have a few visitors coming to see me. At GDL airport can you pick people up curbside at the baggage claim level without having to park? Thanks in advance for your help, John,
  3. Sounds perfect Rick, appreciate the help.
  4. Hi all, I will be driving to Guadalajara via Laredo in a few days. While I have some pesos (5,000 MX), I decided to buy some more. My bank here in Chicagoland quoted me a rate of 16.75 pesos to the $, which I considered larcenous. Can I get a better exchange rate in Laredo Texas and where is the best place to buy pesos, or is there an easily transited bank in Nuevo Laredo. I really don't want to wander to far off the carretera. Thanks,
  5. Altitude should not be an issue as it has computer controlled fuel injection. From other boards, I'm finding that ULSD is available but not necessarily at every gas station, so I will start searching at about a 1/2 tank. Apparently BP, Shell and Mobil stations are the best bet over Pemex. John
  6. If anyone has better information, I would be grateful to hear it. In terms of DEF I will bring down at least 12 gallons, which under severe conditions should be good for over 15,000 miles. John
  7. thanks, that is a relief. I will bring some spare filters.
  8. Hi, I will be driving down in a few weeks to spend the winter lakeside. I've read a lot of conflicting reports on the availability of ULSD or UBA. Does anyone know of it's availability in the Chapala area. Thanks, John
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