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  1. Nogales, no. Tucson and Phoenix have been okay with just printed online bank statements (no notary no stamp from the bank). Or regular mailed statements if you have the past few months still.
  2. Just received my carta de no antecedentes penales (federal). I arrived 10 minutes prior to my appointment to find a long line, so initially I waited in it. Appeared to be mostly upper class central americans. I listened to them talking to the guard as the line moved forward and quickly realized that none of them had a cita. So I raised my voice, said una disculpa, tengo una cita (in only 8 minutes at that point...) and the guard glanced at the printed email and waved me into the metal detector. The lady on the other side told me I must apagar el celular, and she watched me turn it off. Af
  3. I would guess that Campeche will be the first delegacion that opens to accept applications. If that happens, the question will be, do the officials there accept an application from a non resident of Campeche?
  4. Thanks Scott. Everything you posted was helpful and I now see the chain of DOF entries you referred to. It looks like Sept 29th was the last update to Sexto a) ,which appears to be the relevant language, just as you pointed out. I did receive a response from them earlier today. They mentioned the same DOF entries as you, and indicated that the process is currently suspended nationwide, and will only be restarted for in person transactions when "the health authority" announces appropriate measures to prevent contagion from in-person activities and the semaphore is green in the offic
  5. Could you share some supportive evidence? A news article or D.O.F. entry, etc. Thank you for mentioning that either way, it has prompted me to contact them tomorrow via email and telephone, to confirm which tramites they are currently offering.
  6. Which SRE office do I go to in Mexico City after I receive the carta de no antecedentes penales? I have a checklist of all of the items that I need to bring to apply for naturalizacion por residencia (from the SRE website), plus the amount that I need to pay before I go, and bring the receipt...but their website doesn't say which branch office in Mexico City handles this, and there are lots of locations. https://directorio.sre.gob.mx/index.php/delegaciones
  7. I just received a response, 9 days after requesting the cita via email. They highlighted one of the required items, I suppose to indicate that I omitted it in my original request. I think it's accurate because I realized a few hours after I sent my request that I failed to include the solicitud, which I free typed, citing which law entitles me to request the carta, and which department/entity requires it of me (the SRE). The email they sent from is: citasantecedentes@sspc.gob.mx edit to give a timeline summary: - Emailed them to requested a cita, with docs attached to em
  8. 8 days have passed since I emailed SEGOB requesting a cita, with all of the required information attached. I emailed both addresses that they've advertised (as above, and also citasantecedentes@ same domain). I've also called them several times but no one answers, and no one returns my voicemail messages.
  9. Update: I just successfully created my cuenta "Llave CDMX" The website is impressive. I entered my CURP and it auto-filled my data. Then I uploaded: (1) Color pdf of front and back of INM card, (2) photo of a recent foto tamanno credencial, and (3) An estado de cuenta from my bank. Documents are under review and when approved, I will have a full account that *should* be sufficient to request a Carta de No Antecedentes Penales at the federal level. **edit - Nope! This appears to be a solicitud for a Carta de No Antecedentes that is equivalent to the State-level Carta. In o
  10. I read on El Financiero that CDMX is offering the Carta de no Antecedentes Penales online, as of yesterday. Does anyone know if this online method would work for foreigners trying to obtain the Carta for naturalization purposes? I intend to attempt to register a Llave CDMX tomorrow and try this for myself, but wondering if anyone has thoughts about whether our situation as extranjeros would prevent us from using the new online method. Source: https://elfinanciero.com.mx/cdmx/tienes-un-nuevo-empleo-y-requieres-constancia-de-no-antecedentes-penales-ya-la-puedes-obtener-en
  11. About 5-6 weeks after visiting my local INM branch office. That's with having either the temporary visa they paste into your passport, or a valid residente temporal. I think they advised me that it could take between 1 week and 3 months.
  12. In 29 of 31 states, a valid temporal or permanente immigration status must be proven to obtain a driving license, which if issued expires on the same date as the immigration credential. Therefore if you hold a valid unexpired license, any law enforcement or INM official could infer that you also have valid immigration status. Unless your license was issued in Guerrero or Zacatecas. I've never been asked to show a passport or other proof of immigration status, except when entering or exiting the country. Also, it seems that officials are focused on migrants from central america these days,
  13. Does anyone know, from direct experience or from indirect accounts, if workers ever solicit or demand bribes during the naturalization exam? I've read several stories about the difficulty level of the history exam, with lots of people unable to pass on the first try, yet there are no corresponding tales of bribery. I'm not saying I always expect corruption from Mexico, but human nature suggests that some enterprising soul would decide that he or she could enrich himself from this situation...also, how does the test taker know that s/he genuinely passed or failed?
  14. I just tried to access the "Mi Cuenta" page from the CFE website and it's showing an HTTP2 Protocol Error. url is: www.cfe.mx/Casa/Mi-cuenta/Pages/default.aspx I'm not on an island currently and this is the bookmark I use every 2 months to login and view my bill, so I suspect CFE is experiencing some sort of outage. update: looks like I need to change my bookmark. Now the account login is done directly from https://www.cfe.mx/Pages/Index.aspx I just successfully logged in with my saved credentials and I can see my bill and account status.
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