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  1. To be expected both due to the weather / demand, and the fact that Texas in general has "0" (or negative) view of conservation. CFE charges MORE as you use more, to help the poor and underprivileged and encourage conservation. Texas does the opposite. Not a good practice IMHO.
  2. Agree, it is mostly demand driven, use has far exceeded any previous levels and the capacity of the grid to provide the needed amount of energy.....it is not really a supply issue in terms of generation.
  3. They might want to choose another name.....just sayin'.....
  4. I do have an economics degree and an MBA in Finance. Why don't you add a few more exclamation marks, maybe that will clear it up for you. woodgundyadvisors.cibc.com/delegate/services/file/2223297/content content (cibc.com)
  5. Exactly.....the "negative" posters here actually admit that lockdowns and restrictions work.....wow. Economies can recover, lives cannot be recovered. What all gov'ts needed to do, and still need to do, is deficit spend to support things until the "old normal" can be attained. Doesn't matter really about the deficits as all boats would float at the same level.
  6. I call BS, on your BS. I've given proof, you've given nothing, and here's more from the Globe and Mail this morning on a good sized Ontario city and region around it, that, via carefulness and restrictions, has and is succeeding: (I still think it is opening up too much and too fast, but the point here is that they are able to) On Wednesday, three areas will move into Ontario’s “green” category, which has the fewest COVID-19 rules: Hastings Prince Edward Public Health; Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Public Health; and Renfrew County and District Health Unit. Residents in these areas will be allowed to dine in restaurants, shop, attend indoor fitness classes of up to 50 people, indoor weddings of 50 people, gamble in casinos and watch movies in cinemas, with COVID-19 measures in place. Kieran Moore, medical officer of health for the Kingston-area region, said his community has virtually no transmission and it will remain that way as long as locals stay in the area. “The only way we get this virus is if people travel here or our people go elsewhere,” Dr. Moore said. “That should be the main communication to the public: Stay local, support local, stay in your communities.”
  7. For this question and the same one from all the apparently ignorant people: 1 - New Zealand (totally valid example, doesn't matter they are an island, what matters is they locked down and stopped immigration and had 14 day mandatory quarantines for ALL arrivals) 2 - Australia (which has 900 deaths vs 20,000 in Canada for a population about 2/3 the size, so about 93% better.......).....and as we all know, Canada is way better per capita than the USA....so YES, it works folks). They just locked down 2 million people last week when they detected ONE new case of a variant. Because that IS the time to do it - when you have a chance to stop it. 3 - Nova Scotia ( 4 - Newfoundland 5 - PEI 6 - New Brunswick 7 - 3 to 6 above formed "The Atlantic Bubble" of 4 provinces (that's like states for the un-initiated) covering a huge land area and they flat out stopped all traffic coming in along with quarantining their "own" arrivals back into the area. There are many others. It works. Stopping the spread, stops the virus, and also stops the mutations / variants.
  8. Your choice to ignore and avoid the obvious facts that I stated also: Every society that has had lockdowns and truly followed the restrictions and regulations has flattened or crushed the curve....so much so that they can now live normally again.
  9. Not more contagious at home if people stay in a bubble, why are you comparing at home bubbles with being out in public crowded shops and seriously saying it is worse at home than out in public? You must be joking but it is a very poor joke. Every society that has had lockdowns and truly followed the restrictions and regulations has flattened or crushed the curve....so much so that they can now live normally again. Your fear and boogiemen comments do you no credit and are denigrating to others and to those officials who enact them and to the public health workers who are under so much stress and workload.
  10. There is starting to be evidence that with the new variants, even masked shopping may be much riskier than previously due to the variants rapid spread / transmissibility and ability to infect in a very short period of time. Stay safe everyone.....while it is certainly a right to enter a store no matter one's age, keeping it to the bare minimum or using other options would be the best choice right now.
  11. As the previous poster mentions - It is a dry goods bodega (warehouse) that does sell outfront, yes, but no fresh foods, refrigerated, or frozen.
  12. Sounds identical to most major CDN cities.....and prices are not dropping, just the opposite in fact. Many wish the "bubble" would burst since the average people cannot afford the pricing..... but with near 0 interest rates and high immigration and allowing too much unknown foreign investment, that is not the case.
  13. You should report them on the gov't emergency call line as a urgent health and safety violation.
  14. The best advice is in the 2nd post from MaineCoons. And AirB&B's, in a way, give a strong indicator of a part of any market so it is good data in that sense.
  15. Hi BG, I think that part of your comment really gets to the heart of it: the term "B&B" has always implied onsite owner / operators. And the vast majority of the problems are from just the opposite - short term rentals of empty condos and houses where no one checks who the renter is or what they do once they arrive. Several major cities have realized this and brought that in as a condition - MUST be an owner occupied property to operate as an AirB&B in their jurisdiction and I hope that spreads.
  16. Not to sidetrack the thread but IMHO AirB&B has become the disaster to the accommodation market that Uber is / was to transport. Not only do they undercut legit owners who pay taxes and support their local cities, but many condo bldgs and private homes have become nightmares of revolving door unchecked traffic, illegal use of premises for drug deals, massive loud parties, and many other problems that became even worse during Covid. Air B&B won't police it, either, leaving many municipals either hanging or having to ban it or spend a lot of $$ to track / enforce it. I know it can add usefulness and value if used properly however right now the scales are tilted the wrong way. I won't support it as a user, and would certainly never list my own property on it.
  17. Exactly....it wasn't about state vs federal....it was about "attitude" and "action" (or lack thereof) of "leadership".
  18. That is only because virtually all countries other than US, UK, and Israel have been severely shorted so far on vaccines actually received, FYI. The USA has received over 4x PER CAPITA than Canada (40 mm vs 1mm). So Canada has run out of jabs to give, while the USA can't currently administer, all that are in their possession.
  19. Canada is FAR from perfect.....or even from good....on Covid response, the largest provinces in particular have given priority to business over health at virtually every opportunity. But to go any further about it would get "political" and Lord knows we don't want to go there! 😉
  20. Actually what Canada is doing (rightly or wrongly) is allowing the international arrival passengers to continue onto their final destination airport, which is where their "hotel quarantine" would begin. I don't know why this is.....if someone is going to be quarantined, it would be better to do it as soon and as early as possible, at one of the 4 international arrival airports during this time: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver. And here's proof that it works when done properly and for sufficient amounts of time.....and for those "cheapskates".....well, given the costs, they won't have to worry about the upfront test, they just won't be doing it at all! Don't like Canada's new mandatory quarantine? It's part of why New Zealand is now back to normal | National Post
  21. There's a good win-win opportunity here for "personal shoppers"......hand 'em your list at the door, go have a beverage in the shade or run other errands, and give a decent amount to cover the service when you get your stuff. Or....do it remotely and have delivery right to your home.....solves the "issue" while creating needed work for some. The municipal and the store could easily put this in place and find people to staff it......
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