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  1. That's your opinion. 33% of houseful of stuff, using Cedro's figure, could be a lot of $$ as a commission, much more than some people make even for buying inventory and having the cost of carrying it.
  2. How much / what %? Everything is negotiable.....please elaborate.
  3. Hugh Jackman would be highly insulted...plus, Hugh has a spine!
  4. Glad you took it in a constructive way. One thing you could possibly do.....is to help this site with having a decent search tool inside it. THAT (as you and many others mention) is a key thing lacking here. Right now you can do much better putting in "Chapala.com" and the search term desired in Google, to try to find the content desired, than you can from the search box here. Plus it locks you out if you make an error or try again in 30 seconds..... Suerte.
  5. Then go ahead and do it, and stop talking about it. I think you'll find that like in most places, people know how to get things done or learn about them the same as everywhere else in the world. And if you think Mexico isn't competitive, you're mistaken - in fact much more competitive and with leaner margins than many other places in the world. You'd be better off offering your tech support and IT services and sticking to that, maybe you could teach the skills to others and scale up that way. Focus, don't try to be the Google, Amazon, Mercado Libre all in one and leverage 50,000 people in a country of 100 million......not going to happen.
  6. Some up to date info on the variants transmissibility and severity: Why are the variants more transmissible? Your COVID-19 questions answered | CBC News
  7. Ask a local real estate agent / agency, they'll likely know and way faster than letting the post office handle it - very nice of you.
  8. The WHO has unfortunately shown themselves to be incompetent at just about every stage of this pandemic. They are the last ones I'd go to for advice or guidance. The simplest explanations are generally the correct ones. Each time there have been lockdowns and restrictions, the cases fall dramatically. Happened in the spring, has happened since Christmas again. Everyone gets scared, the lockdowns happen, the cases fall in 6 weeks, and then most relax again. It is the last part that will be the big bugaboo this time with the variants due to how incredibly fast and easily they spread. I hope I'm wrong but pretty sure not.
  9. The cases have finally dropped due to the lockdowns since Christmas which the powers that be think means they can now relax them. $%&/()ic. Lives before Commerce my friend....... COVID-19 variants could fuel a surge of 20,000 new Canadian cases a day if restrictions eased further: modelling - The Globe and Mail
  10. COVID-19 variants could fuel a surge of 20,000 new Canadian cases a day if restrictions eased further: modelling - The Globe and Mail
  11. Your interpretation is sadly confused. Your analogy is like falling with a parachute......faster and faster, open the chute so you think it is OK....but now opening up again with the variants is like cutting a big hole in it, while still 1000 feet above the ground. The planet is no where NEAR "herd immunity" and the "old normal" is still at least a year away. Stay safe everyone, yes, we will get there but not soon.
  12. Another failure by Abbott. https://t.co/vDnweiq1zz?amp=1 #TexasFeeze - Twitter Search / Twitter
  13. You shouldn't be, because most of the powers that be are already using it as an excuse to open up, at the same time as these variants are just starting to spread like wildfire. Give it a month, things will be as bad or worse than they have ever been. And I sincerely hope I am wrong, but strongly suspect otherwise as do many leading scientists, epidemiologists, and health professionals.
  14. Not the place for it. Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara This board is for people with interest in the Lake Chapala area and in moving to Mexico.
  15. Air passengers fined for submitting 'false or misleading' COVID tests after Mexico trip | CBC News Be warned. Don't travel. And if you must, don't be an idjit and then lie about it.
  16. Why are you posting this at all, much less on the Lakeside Forum?
  17. MODS, please shut this thread down, this has devolved into blatant commercial advertising. Northtek, with respect, take ads out if you want to promote your business.
  18. This one: Country wide power outage is due tonight !
  19. Ummmm....this thread already exists with 25 or 30 posts on it, 4 or 5 hours before yours. Pay attention please.
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