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  1. Particularly applies to all the dead ones, the ones that have died directly from Covid and the ones who can't get critical needed health care procedures because the hospitals are maxxed out, primarily due to the unvaxxed.
  2. Have a nice walk home, bozos. (Globe & Mail, today) Air Transat says passengers who were partying maskless on a recent Sunwing flight from Montreal to Mexico will not be allowed on its planes as they attempt to return to Canada. The airline said on Twitter today the “disruptive passengers” from the Sunwing flight are trying to return home on Air Transat flights, but they will be denied boarding based on the company’s obligation to ensure passenger and crew safety. Flight attendants call for better COVID-19 protections following maskless Sunwing party flight Videos of the Dec. 30 Sunwing private charter flight shared on social media show passengers not wearing masks as they gather in close proximity, drinking alcohol and vaping in the aisle and on seats. Sunwing cancelled the group’s return flight from Cancun scheduled for today, saying the unruly behaviour had contravened several Canadian Aviation Regulations as well as public health rules. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today called the passengers’ conduct irresponsible and a “slap in the face” to everyone who has been following public health restrictions. Transport Canada said Tuesday it was launching an investigation into the matter, with passengers who violated the department’s regulations facing fines of up to $5,000 per offence.
  3. And let us thank the stars that the vast majority are doing the responsible thing and getting vaccinated, to either "mitigate" illness and hospitalization or prevent illness & hospitalization. Otherwise we'd be in really deep S***. We owe it to each other, to society, and to the health care workers and system.
  4. FALSE, misleading. The vaccines stimulate the immune response, that is how all vaccines work. Get educated.
  5. It seems there is a cure for stupid, after all.
  6. The right wingers just keep changing the story and making stuff up to suit their view of the world, don't they? Same with Jan 6th 2021.....now it was not "T" supporters at all......it was a whole conspiracy put together by the FBI. Wow, trouble brews with these whacks out there.
  7. Jan 3, 2022 MISSION, Kan. – One of Kansas’ largest hospitals is straining to treat an influx of COVID-19 patients even as the surging virus sidelines hundreds of doctors and nurses. At the University of Kansas Hospital, more than 500 employees out of a staff of more than 13,000 are sick or awaiting test results, said Dr. Steve Stites, chief medical officer at University of Kansas Health System in Kansas City, Kansas, during a media call Monday. The illnesses come as the hospital is treating 108 COVID-19 patients, up from 40 on Dec. 1. “We’ve had to scale back on some elective surgeries and clinics and things like that and all hospitals in our area are having to take similar measures because you’ve got to keep your staff safe. You may not have quite enough people to be able to do all the work,” Stites said. He said vaccination would have prevented all but a handful of the COVID-19 patients from being hospitalized, freeing up beds for other patients. “I think what we have to remember is that COVID-19, when you’re unvaccinated, just doesn’t affect the unvaccinated,” Stites said. “It affects everyone because it takes the hospitalizations and it fills up the hospital so much and staff get so sick that it means we don’t have enough people here to take care of everybody, which means we have to scale things back. And that’s the level we’re all at.”
  8. Someone posted this as a possible solution: (and it might help determine if this is still supported by Telcel...) Have someone with Telcel phone send a text to your email. Then keep the reply path.
  9. Good to see you've accepted your title. Your cutie comics are pathetic. Mask mandates have worked. Vaccines have worked. It is the small minority screwing this up for the super-majority. And when you can't get health care for an urgent situation, post back and let us know about it. Or, don't.
  10. Those far righters sure like using it until they get banned for all the lies and BS they spew. Why do you defend them?
  11. Twitter bans Republican Greene’s personal account over COVID-19 misinformation - National | Globalnews.ca
  12. Ferret is not disputing that we should not be going on cruise ships (or any other large shared indoor spaces for that matter). YOU, sir, are the one who said it is because the vaccines do not work. That is a blatantly false, misleading, and trollish thing to say. The vaccines do work and have saved countless lives directly and indirectly. How about you giving it a rest? Put your moderator or your tin foil hat on and toast to a better 2022.
  13. Your idiocy has reached new heights, peaking at the end of the year. Try hitting the reset button at midnight and starting over. The vaccines DO work, nothing is 100% and some people just don't develop a good immune response and Omicron is incredibly contagious and transmissible. But they have saved many lives both directly and indirectly as you clearly know, even as you continue to post your troll-ish comments.
  14. I agree with you.....however my experience on these has been that they are very lightly loaded if not at holiday times....and so if I wasn't going in a private car, I'd choose the luxury coach over being in a crowded airport terminal / gate / plane...
  15. Please confine your personal needs like this to the Classifieds section, this forum is not for this kind of thing, you are cluttering up a valuable resource. Mods please move it.
  16. Your "source" is a whack job site and this fact is well established, no one should give it any credence. And you should resign as a moderator of this board IMHO. LifeSiteNews - Wikipedia LifeSiteNews (or simply LifeSite) is a Canadian Catholic far-right anti-abortion advocacy website and news publication. LifeSiteNews has published misleading information and conspiracy theories, and in 2021, was banned from some social media platforms for spreading COVID-19 misinformation.
  17. I have seen an issue with trying to upload the vaccine proofs as a PDF file. As soon as I changed it to an image file (screenshot or equivalent) and used that instead, it worked right away.
  18. You are incorrectly linking things. Yes, many seniors have died from Covid. Most, before the vaccines became available. THAT is the part you are leaving out. Yes, there have been some illness and even death among vaccinated - not all developed the immune protection, each body is different. But have the vaccines been overwhelmingly safe and effective? YES is the answer and the un-vaxxed that are now clogging the health care system should be ashamed of themselves. If they want to go in a hospital now for their Covid ignorance, they should either get vaxxed at the same time, or just stay at home. Too many people being denied needed health care and surgeries due to these bozos. Merry Christmas.
  19. U.S. life expectancy dropped nearly two years in 2020 because of COVID-19 - The Globe and Mail
  20. Exactly right. And there were no instant & free global platforms for trolls and foreign agents to put wacky claims into the heads of the uneducated. Mandatory vaccination is coming, basically IMHO, governments are just going to handle it in a way that the vast majority of the population demands / requires it, and we're pretty much just about there. The anti-vaxxers can then run off and start their own countries and live happily in their dystopian Mad Maxx world. Maybe No-vax Djokovich can be their new leader as he retires from tennis.
  21. Your link is less than encouraging, it is to a pretty whacked out site with lots of click-bait designed just to make $$ for the site owner. And if you need more proof, read the comments on that page. Pretty scary, most of them sound like the Jan 6th DC crowd.
  22. And what it does to the body, heart, lungs, and more: Heart damage from COVID-19 shown in new X-ray images | CTV News
  23. You mean what they get every day, from their social media feeds funded by anti-western interests; same ones that stoked the Jan 6th riots? Your whole post smacks of skepticism and paranoia.....maybe, maybe, maybe. I think the military vaccine research is great to know about and hope it is 110% successful, thank you for sharing that part, how about lightening up on the rest?
  24. Has anyone also had spinal, knee, shoulder or other PRP injections (platelet rich plasma taken / made from your own blood) done locally or in Guad? Lot of success reported, with typical relief averaging 6 months. Please post any experiences or contacts about it.
  25. The great COVID-19 infodemic: How disinformation networks are radicalizing Canadians - National | Globalnews.ca Stay safe, everyone. And for the anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, and deniers: read this from a conservative respected news source. And get real.
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