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  1. Rogers fines 91-year-old woman unable to return equipment due to lockdown | CBC News Shaw users beware, the new "management" is not "user friendly".
  2. Your entire post is woefully incorrect and uninformed. First of all, many people swim at 70 F and enjoy it. For those who don't, it is easy, effective, simple, and economical to use solar pool panels to heat a pool to the mid-80's F and even higher.
  3. If you use distilled or demineralized water, then nothing would be left behind in the tray or on the fins......this is not practical or economical for most to do, however. You could do an alternative of using a large ultrasonic cool mist machine(s), >>> since they spray out all the water, the minerals go out too, into the air. This can create a bit of dust but that's easier to deal with than cleaning out a swamp cooler.
  4. Why not post it here in the Auto Classified section? Automobiles - Chapala.com Webboard
  5. Do you want to record the actual sounds, or make a record of the dB levels? If just the latter, there are many good free apps that make a graph of the dB levels with a time stamp on them. "Sound Meter" is the name of one in the PlayStore.
  6. Well, it is still on the website.....so they should update it or remove it.....if you know them so well, please advise them to do so, in the interest of all.
  7. How To Contact Us (ajijiclaw.com)
  8. It is very important to remember exactly what "efficacy" is defined as.....and what data it was based on. Efficacy can be defined as preventing ANY amount of illness, or some amount of illness, or serious illness needing hospitalization, or preventing death. And the #'s vary a lot depending on which is being used as the criteria..... The Astra Zeneca original trials, for example, resulted in info saying 62% effective and should not be used with over 65 years of age. THEN they found out (from UK real world substantial use) that not only is it OK for over 65's, but that it was / is 90 to 100% effective in preventing serious illness needing hospital care, and 100% effective at preventing death. Don't know if the same applies to the Sinovac but it should be checked to confirm.
  9. Not upset, in any way, and the comments were not personal though you seem to have taken them that way. I "add to the conversation" all the time here. Check my + ratio.....way higher than yours, amigo. And I seriously doubt you'll sit back and shut up as you say you will, since you seem to be incapable of it. Tell us all, senor blah blah blah.....what great tech business did you operate in Canada? Enlighten us and keep us in suspense no more.....since it has been a month since your first BS post and your website isn't even operational yet?
  10. I'm calling BS on all of this continuing blah blah blah BS from Northtek and their original post as well. Something smells mighty fishy....or phishing..... to me. And the website address he or she gave on the other thread does not even exist. Need help with your computer or website? - Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara - Chapala.com Webboard
  11. "descent" is the correct word.....maybe you can (and should) build a spell checker into your new venture.
  12. It is YOUR credibility (spelled correctly here) that is in question, my friend. No wonder you like Elon so much, you talk and BS about the same way.
  13. I'd request it as urgent under "family unification" for travel purposes......stating you have travel commitment and don't want to leave her behind in MX as a unaccompanied single female. That's all true based on what you mention and might be enough to make the diff. Suerte.
  14. Bet that is not going to work too well in the rainy season....the same way that StarChoice doesn't do well in heavy weather in Canada. but hey that's only 4 to 5 months a year, from 4 or 5 pm to past midnight. All good.
  15. You're still responsible if the meter has been rigged or bypassed, amigo. You sure seem to have a lot of time to argue on this board, for someone who says they are starting a new business up.
  16. Correct, the owner of the home / CFE account has the responsibility. Fines can be 5 to 6 x what the bills would have been. Fair warning. And "0" use......even a fridge on "idle" and no lights will use 2 to 3 kWh per day.....hmmmmm......a tech from Canada doesn't "understand" this? Or doesn't want to????
  17. updated link for this: ¿Cómo activar roaming de datos en el extranjero? | Telcel
  18. Or follow the locals and just bomb through the parking lots, using them as laterals.......! 😉
  19. If it is a dial meter, and it probably is, it is either defective or rigged. If it is rigged, and / or CFE finds a "diablito", they can assess back estimated costs plus fines. I'd get it documented, changed, and straightened out ASAP. Has happened to many people, don't be one of them......
  20. Nationwide Telcel outage, until about 90 min ago, now restored. Was out most of the day.
  21. No one said it was automatically misleading. Just that it IS misleading and false info. And you have 2 spelling errors in 1 line BTW.
  22. Directly copied from the Rules section of this board: (added proof of why this post, in addition to being false, has no place here and should be removed) Topics are to focus on Lakeside/Guadalajara area. There is a Mexico section for the rest of Mexico. Please use it. All are welcome here to ask questions, get answers, agree or disagree in a civil manner on things about Mexico and Lakeside living. But this is not the place to make personal comments against those you don't agree with or because you don't happen to like their opinion or topic. It is easy enought to ignore a post or topic you don't agree with. That is the appropriate action and if you think the post or topic violates this code of conduct, please bring it to the attention of anyone on the moderating team. It will be dealt with.
  23. This post not only is full of incorrect and misleading "opinion" content, it has no place in the lakeside / Guad forum, either. Both the OP and the "Moderator" should know that and it should be removed. The Queen has been vaccinated, as have many world leaders. Nothing is "perfect".....but even the Astra Zeneca vaccine, just approved by Health Canada has been shown to be 100% effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths. Both in the trials, and in real world use. And THAT is the goal, at least in this near term. "Stop The Spread".....of false, misleading, and alarmist conspiracy "info".
  24. Wow, there is a customer focused attitude......(not). From a new poster account started since this thread was created too - hmmmmmm
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