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  1. We all agreed on this thread to go by these "rules", so everyone give it a rest. MC has done this for years and has this covered. If you want to change the game next time, then speak up earlier.
  2. If you have nothing better to do then ask questions and fight on the web-board, get off your a** and do your research in person. Or call an agent.
  3. Questions started in Feb 2019, not 2020. Yes, point understood and taken about the pandemic. Still a bizarre way to "research" water supplies of rentals IMHO.
  4. Car Rentals - Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara - Chapala.com Webboard So have you ever visited in the 2 years you've been asking questions? Wow, some people just visit and figure things out in person. Hmmmmmmmmm.........does makes one wonder.
  5. As usual, you are wrong, again: Reverse osmosis demineralization (lenntech.com)
  6. Removes so many and such a high % that RO water is allowed to be called "demineralized", so get a life.
  7. Apparently everyone needs a hobby.....
  8. Riberas Del Pilar is booming - Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara - Chapala.com Webboard Read some of the latest posts like barrbowers
  9. If you're worried about "water issues" for a RENTAL, then you're not going to make it, personality wise, in Mexico.
  10. Actually, it does, as RO removes the minerals you are concerned about and will save you a lot of $$ too.
  11. Great, another "stable genius", folks. Let's stop feeding the troll.
  12. Canada has taken in many times more immigrants than the USA has, per capita. And done more for and with the Covax vaccine facility and the WHO, as well, pound for pound. Gadfly - Go build another wall. All around yourself. Then you and all others can celebrate.
  13. You are a first class pendejo, amigo. Now USA "Buy American" all of a sudden wants to remove the illegal tariffs it put on Canadian lumber.....because it can't get enough of it's own....oh, boo hoo, suck it up, maybe you can't have any lumber from Canada, Mr. Buy American. And Canadians can enjoy nice lower lumber prices, and availability, of their own product, instead of high prices and shortages so vaccinated Americans can build homes. It's all about you....except, it's not. FlyFree? More like, GadFly.
  14. Because you said this, and because you're just being argumentative and ignorant in general in regard to the vaccines and apparently to defend the glorious USA. The glorious USA that wants to open the borders and go everywhere, way too soon, now that it's OWN people are protected, when others elsewhere, are not. That is insensitive and boorish, not to mention dangerous and belligerent. Over and out with you, arguing with an :() like you just drags me down to your level.
  15. Because it answers YOUR earlier question, genius. And BioNtech is not a US company, by the way. They developed the vaccine (as well as the mRNA technology behind it) and partnered with Pfizer to mass produce it. Get your facts straight and the flagpole out of your a**.
  16. Still a wannabe critic, LOL. Enjoy the heat and hurricanes.
  17. Posting is up. Sorry to disappoint you. And the word is "nonsensical", to help your vocabulary, while you're not playing.
  18. Here's a better question, why won't the US not only NOT share it's own vaccines that it is not using, but won't even allow the manufactureres to export them to Canada and Mexico until, finally, recently?
  19. Breathing OK again now....I thought it said "TAXED" not "VAXED" 🤣
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