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  1. I'll take the CDN cold levels, over the US Covid levels, anytime. And the US political "theater" is an all too bizarre bonus to watch from a safe distance.
  2. Wow. That's wild then. Will have to spell it BRRRRRRRisas from now on. 🥶
  3. The Ajijic weather station is very high also. Check their lake cam view. Really think it is a thermo issue in Brisas....
  4. That was a great skit from a generally very funny show and talented cast. Susan Kent (the driver here) has moved on, unfortunately.....Mark Critch (the cop) still going strong and funny as heck.
  5. I think it is a valid comparison and not intended to be anti-American in any way. Having been in Florida this week due to a family urgency, we observed far too many individuals flagrantly ignoring and flouting mask and / or distancing rules. Walmarts with big signs saying "masks mandatory on all shoppers" had close to 50% unmasked walking around in them. You literally felt like running out the door....certainly would not go back again. We asked 3 employees about it and the response was, "yes, we know". Canada is far from perfect as Mudgirl says, but way, way better than this....even in "conservative" areas, there is a very high level of compliance and masks are not and have not been made into a political tool.
  6. Yes, but still not relevant for this forum.
  7. Or....move it to the "Twilight Zone" / Conspiracy Theory / Alternative Reality sub-heading......
  8. Mods please close this "foil hat" thread, it isn't a lakeside topic even if it was sane or intelligent.
  9. Yep, just talked to someone there and the AC is going 24/7 that whole time. Get solar to offset those BIG bills from CFE.....
  10. Not to be off your main question, but have you checked with the local appliance repair places? They might easily source a "vintage / previously enjoyed" one for you....cheaper and easier.
  11. And there ain't no cure for....well....you know: A rural Kansas community watched the Covid-19 pandemic unfold from afar. Then, a deadly outbreak landed right on their doorstep - CNN
  12. Any info or perspective on this would be appreciated: https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Coronavirus-en-Jalisco-Anuncian-nuevas-medidas-despues-del-boton-de-emergencia-20201116-0041.html
  13. This is about solar pool panels, not solar electric panels. Go Solar and STI do all types of solar. TraderSpoc post should be removed as a shill, and for not being on topic, he has been warned about this before.
  14. Mona119 posting spam / gibberish with links in Charitable section. Others have flagged it but since not in this section, maybe the Mods have not seen it yet.......
  15. Yep, either 325 or 500, quartered, = 81 mg or 125 mg......much less $$ for same thing and will last you a lot longer too, especially the way most MX packaging is done in the little boxes vs bottles. Plus....some may find using the little "pill cutters" quite satisfying / enjoyable! 😉
  16. What would go over better with most potential travelers, is not using the middle seats.....
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