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  1. Always going to be some hostile reactions.....however most in FL understand that winter tourism / seasonal residents are a big chunk of their economy. And vaccinated people are both freer and safer to have running around spending $$........not to mention not taking up hospital beds. On balance, one of the few things the FL governor has done that I can agree with.
  2. Why don't you send a follow up note and ask them? That should get you on their radar for SOME kind of "jab". 🙂
  3. The Canadians in Florida and Mexico don't expect their government to chase them down wherever they are for a jab.
  4. Likely best and easiest for people everywhere to get the shots locally. Canadian snowbirds in Florida are being vaccinated same as the "locals", which is best for all, they represent relatively small #'s, especially this year, and yet it protects everyone in the local area better that way (stop the spread) while removing stress and strain from local health resources should someone get sick if they didn't have it.
  5. I don't have info however just in terms of helping you verify things, here is a link to a web page showing him and another agent's photos and many listings: Rentals in Ajijic | RentCozyHome
  6. Highly recommend Go Solar here on this board. STI Solar Technology is a very well respected company with many years at lakeside and has top quality systems at excellent pricing with 1st class installation and support. There are many board users who have mentioned the same over a number of years. ron(at)solartechnology.com.mx
  7. You don't give any facts, you just give negative reactions and say your advisors are experts. That isn't helpful to anyone.
  8. No they aren't misleading, and No, you don't have to comment. Just. Stop.
  9. They just keep laughing at stuff like this while waiting for Jan 20th.
  10. Facebook is the last place I think of for accurate info of any type. Full of opinions, out of date and false info.
  11. Rather than argue and complain about the info people post as they try to help you, stop wasting other people's time and the space on this board with your near-trolling behaviour since you apparently have this all figured out.
  12. Actually 210 outside the province are allowed. So you can be out 7 months and still qualify as "resident". That's win-win because as resident you pay income taxes on a full year basis, and as I see it, make less demands on the system when out of the country, especially during the harsher winter months, so staying healthier in a warmer outdoor climate (this year excepted.....). Easily covers Nov to May.
  13. I'll take the CDN cold levels, over the US Covid levels, anytime. And the US political "theater" is an all too bizarre bonus to watch from a safe distance.
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