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  1. Mona119 posting spam / gibberish with links in Charitable section. Others have flagged it but since not in this section, maybe the Mods have not seen it yet.......
  2. Yep, either 325 or 500, quartered, = 81 mg or 125 mg......much less $$ for same thing and will last you a lot longer too, especially the way most MX packaging is done in the little boxes vs bottles. Plus....some may find using the little "pill cutters" quite satisfying / enjoyable! 😉
  3. What would go over better with most potential travelers, is not using the middle seats.....
  4. Yes, just hotspot the laptop to the cell phone. Make sure the cell phone either has an unlimited data plan or enough GB on the data plan to cover the need. Should upload in 30 to 60 min approx.
  5. That would be great, schedules, and especially the non-existent Canadian airline refund policies. $$$
  6. Let's change "most" to "many" and move on....?? 😉 Yes, people also fly to MX out of BC, Alberta, and Quebec. Over and out.
  7. We're getting into semantics vs the OP's topic.....Pete, I'm sure you'd agree that Newark Int'l is certainly considered a "NY airport" even though just on the NJ side of the river....verdad? 😉
  8. OK smart guy.....technically Pearson Int'l IS in Mississauga......however....Toronto also has the Island Airport and Buttonville too.....not to mention Downsview.....within the city limits. And....you can't fly non-stop to Guad from any of them.....unfortunately.....despite Air Canada saying many years ago that it would happen.....and the desire of many to "make it so".
  9. The answer is a 4 letter word that starts with "S".....but the #'s, driving border restrictions, and air circulation on plane issues all are major considerations. 🤣 ❄️ ☃️ Anyone up for a private jet charter, Toronto to Guad?
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