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  1. Too many places up north going "the other crazy" opening bars, bowling alleys, and tattoo parlors.....fortunately most like Michigan are taking a very carefully and multi-staged approach. Agree that taking temps and mats does "nada", as most understand, the feet don't do the dirty work here, and the key issue is asymptomatic carriers.
  2. Can use masonry nails or Tapcon screws, no problem.
  3. OK, thx - I think the offer they are giving with that $15 VIP invite gets you most of the same 30 day benefits as the $10 monthly does - check it anyway, if so, it would be a good way to get started.
  4. try this one: (will need to click on "setup an account" which is free to do, this site is regarded as safe and reputable and has the same IPTV offering monthly "donation") 😉 www.torrentday.com
  5. Bumping this to help Mac and Pete connect....anyone who can assist them, jump in!
  6. Call or email and ask? 😉 Info is in original post.....
  7. Yep, I can believe it. He also sends poorly written PM's to those who criticize him, FYI, just got one. Am quivering in my boots. Be warned.....he may get you next. 😉
  8. And those vouchers they want to give you in return, won't mean much, in / after a Chapter 11 filing.....
  9. OK....well you know the Mods better than I do.....I still feel that "civil" means doing it as below....and I'd add "respectfully" to these definitions... which screaming "Fake News" all the time is not, IMHO.….and as you also correctly pointed out, with nada to back it up. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/civility
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