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  1. I have had two company guys here to check my equipment, the TV itself says it is a go, channels have moved but will not tune in. I expected to be told I need to buy newer, better equipment. But no. I guess Maz Satellite just does not care if I receive 'product' or am a happy customer. They now want my annual fee and aren't offering any solutions. What say you?
  2. A. Look, I did not post on any thread on purpose...my first time. I need info! I am in Mazatlan and am gathering facts. Need help, not taunts!
  3. Please tell me what is happening with Shaw satellite TV in Mexico. I have had it for years and am losing channels daily. Is it just going to be over? I cannot get any info and am being pressured to pay up, while getting less and less. Can someone offer any help or advice?
  4. Hello All, Who knows what is happening with the Shaw satellite TV? I can't get a straight answer out of anyone. I have had it for many years; but at this time, the channel guides have more blackouts than listings. There are less channels every day and I am told my equipment is fine. Help, anyone?
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