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  1. Just noticed when I checked my Bancomer account, that this month's charge for Ilox is 629 pesos, and when I signed up it was 599 pesos. Anyone else notice an increase. If it has gone up, would have been nice of them to give advance notice, but I am sure that is asking too much.
  2. In case you have not heard, colour copies are considered illegal, at least in Jalisco.
  3. Thank you. We will take a look tomorrow. Now we know it is on same side as Soriana, but before
  4. I wonder if you could be a little more specific as to the exact location on the highway out of Chapala past Soriana. I am assuming he is on the lake side. Is there any sign for this place. I have called both numbers mentioned above; the cell number does not ring and the other number does not seem to be the one for Luis. Or when you say "the one on the lateral past Soriana" do you mean the lateral road which would be going from Soriana into the town of Chapala, or the other way? We looked going on the highway towards the bypass to Ajijic, but could not see any place that looked like an aut
  5. There is a store on Ocampo in Ajijic that sells HP printer cartridges. It is about two blocks west of Colon and Ocampo on the lake side (close to Mannix Restaurant).
  6. Gas appears to have just gone up. I see the highest price is 21.89 for red. The Pemex in Chapala just before Soriana is 21.20 today. We often use the one in west Ajijic, further west of the BP station. The last time we were there was on 22 November, and the price was 20.90 pesos. So there are two options for you.
  7. We used Lake Auto Body fairly recently and was very pleased with their work. Price was very reasonable.
  8. I have also been having trouble with Ilox now for about 2 weeks. I pay for 70 Mbps and get an average of around 40. Have sent them a detailed list of speeds at 3 different times of day . That was last week. No response yet. In other situations have always received quick response to any problems. I am beginning to think that perhaps there are now too many subscribers for them to produce what they promised. What you say ComputerGuy. Do you have Ilox.
  9. Ilox does not have a Internet only service. They only TV and internet, Telephone and internet, or all three.
  10. Hi Go Solar, I can't tell you what size it is as the manual covers three sizes and does not indicate which one we have. It is a Bosch Minimax Electronico either 10/10N, 13/13N or 16/16N. It is good for the whole house, which means we get hot water in the kitchen and two bathrooms. It is a one-level house. I am sure they can tell you at Home Depot the size you need for your type of house (i.e. kitchens and bathrooms). Hope this helps.
  11. You do not need a BIG water heater. Get an "on demand" heater. They are very small but only use gas when you turn on the hot water tap. If you live in a big mansion, you may need more than one, but these are the way to go. We have a Bosch which we purchased from Home Depot in GDL. There are only two of us and it is more than sufficient. Other people should chime in here who have on demand heaters.
  12. You will need to live in either Chapala, west Ajijic (which will require a car). Chapala is a very nice place. I live in Ajijic and if I had to do it over again I would choose Chapala. More friendly, less expensive, etc. etc. Nice Malecon and you can find everything you need there and if not take a bus.
  13. Would highly recommend Dra. Andrea Luiz, dermatologist.
  14. Did you challenge them on this issue, and if so, what was their response?
  15. Well at least you explained yourself; better than Cedros. I guess it may depend on whether you have money or not. So far I have been paying as I go and it has worked well. If I have to rely on Seguro Popular then I might change my mind. Time will tell.
  16. You are outnumbered by those that say it is excellent, including myself. Could you explain further?
  17. We had the same problem this past week for about 3 days. Now it is fine. We just used our cell phones instead. Who knows!!!
  18. Very good example of how bad information gets spread on this site. I will need Jackie shortly and will Whatsapp him and when he gets here I will tell him he is starting to get a lot of bad coverage from clients and he should do something about it.
  19. Try Mia's Boutique on the Carretera. Not many men's shops in Ajijic or Chapala.
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