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  1. 23 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    FYI, when I decided to try Sol y Luna I kept my Handymail box simultaneously for 2 months.  Deliveries more or less the same while I tested them against each other.  

    No beef with Handymail, it is more a matter of not having to drive from Ajijic to SAT.  I can walk to S&L from my home.   

    Where is Sol y Luna located?


  2. On 9/18/2018 at 1:52 PM, Arroyos said:

    I ordered an air cooler early in the new year.  When I started to have problems with it and let them know by email, never had a response from them.  Emailed again and the same thing.  So I would not buy any large or expensive items from them in the future that might require a return, so I would be leary about ordering an iphone.  I would go to BestBuy in GDL and get their 2-year additional guarantee.  Have done this in the past and never had a problem with anything that went wrong with a particular item bought there.  They always gave good service and replaced with a new item if they could not fix.

    I bought a water cooler from Mercado Libre and had the same problems.  Only buy small items now, and not very expensive.

  3. On 3/19/2019 at 6:09 PM, stuphel said:

    The problem is that I don't understand what ID they want.  I have a Permanente, but I don't believe I have any INF (what is that?) info to give them.  

    Only Mexicans have an INF card.  Your Permanente card should suffice, if you want to continue along that route.  Much easier to pay through Oxxo.

  4. First of all, Mexican prescriptions are accepted, at least in Canada.  I use Your Canada Drug Store to order a medicine for a type of leukemia.  I only use them because it is cheaper.  I first received three boxes of the medication through them (they are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba).  The first shipment came from India at much reduced cost.  However, the second time I tried I could not get from India due to Covid-19, however, did get the medication from Canada, albeit at much higher price.  Try their website at www.ycdscc.com.  By the way, the medication came in an unmarked box and did not appear to have problems at Mexican customs.  I must admit, the first time I ordered,  when the drugs were coming from India, I was worried that they might not arrive.  It took approximately one month to get here.  The second time from Canada it took approx. 3 weeks.  Good luck.

  5. 38 minutes ago, virgo lady said:

    Unless you are locked in, I'd check about flying non-stop to Toronto, from PV.     Take a luxury coach from Guad to right near the PV airport, it is a great way to go.    Avoid the luggage and plane change hassle, along with the Covid concentration in the DF......

    Is it possible to fly from PV to Toronto non-stop in the summer.  Just thought these were winter flights?

  6. On 7/2/2020 at 3:03 PM, Bisbee Gal said:

    Today I asked @Mostlylost to review and compare the Covid reports he had been getting from a Federal agency, which are woefully out of date.  I asked him to look at the more accurate and up to date Jalisco official site.  For example, today for Chapala the Federal site lists 22 cases.  However, the Radar Jalisco government site lists 33 cases (over 30 percent more).  

    Rather than looking at the most up to date info, in a fit of pique, @Mostlylost deleted his old thread.  I regret he reacted that way and became upset, but the Federal site is horribly out of date and inaccurate as he would have realized had he had an open mind and looked at the Jalisco site.  

    The Radar Jalisco site is the source used by the Chapala Gobierno, at least 2 local Mexican papers (La Pagina and Seminario Laguna) and the GDL Reporter.  

    Today Hector Espana, the Chapala Expat Liaison explained the reason why Radar Jalisco is more up to date and accurate.

    Chapala is now showing 33 covid cases. Why do my numbers vary from the Federal, for example. The federal system time wise falls behind the more local numbers. I speak to the Virologist assigned by the state to the Jocotepec Community hospital. He is the basis of the official report.

    I just wish the Jalisco report went into some more detail, even if it only showed, in addition to total cases, the number of active ones, like the Federal report shows.

  7. My friend just renewed his driver's license and he first had to pay at the Recaudadora in Chapala, and then take the receipt along with the other required documentation, to the office to get his renewal.  In his case it was Ocotlan, as he only had one day before his license expired.  So, I would say, pay at the Recaudadora office (the same place where you pay your car registration early in the year) and then go to the office in Chapala near for Malecon for the balance of the process.

  8. 15 hours ago, gringohombre said:

    Trolls, please stay in the woodwork. I just turned a "certain age" where i do not give 2 GD's what other people think. Yes, I have a slightly enlarged prostrate. I also had been having recurring urinary track infections, multiple nightly bathroom trips and some pain. As i had posted here before I have had very good results from Dr. Fabian Garcia at Quality Care. He gave me a regime of injections and drugs that got me back to normal. For the past 6 months or so I have been taking Macrofurin (nitrofurantoina) for the infections and Asoflon-Duo (dutasterida-tamsulosina) for the enlarged prostrate. the Asoflon-Duo is expensive (about $1200 pesos for a month suppy) but more importantly a new drug so I am a little concerned about potential side effects. Super Beta Prostrate is advertised as being a "natural" over the counter drug that seems to be a possible replacement. I have checked Cristina Pharmacy and a few other places locally but they do not carry this. Amazon.mx has it, but seems to be expensive. Looking for a local source and also comments of those who have used or are using this product. Gracias.


    I suggest you consult a dictionary and check the difference in meaning of "prostrate" and "prostate".  Also, I am on Asoflon Duo and paid 761 pesos on the 1st of June at Farmacia GDL in Chapala.    It has been on average 750 pesos for the past year.  Where did you pay 1200 pesos?

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