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  1. I am sure you do. But my point was that we should stop being lazy and re-read what we have typed before we post it. Maybe I am just old-fashioned.
  2. You are the second person today on this site that did not proof read their material before posting. "Monet" - think you meant "Money".
  3. I notice, not only on this site, but on Facebook, that many people fail to check their typing before they post something. In your topic line you said "Began", whereas I think you meant "Begun". Then you go on to say "bumber to bumber" instead of "bumper to bumper". Forgive me for being picky, but I see more and more of this all the time.
  4. I got 16.5 Canadian for a Canadian cheque cashed at Intercam. I was very happy with the rate, and overall I am happy with Intercam Banco.
  5. I use Farmacia Similares for all my generic drugs and have never had any problems. On Mondays they give you a 25% discount on your purchases. Non generic I use Farmacia Guadalajara.
  6. We had our roof done over the past two days. Our contractor was Juan Gutierrez and we have used him for major and minor jobs at our house. His prices are very reasonable. For the new part of our roof which he did using both membrane and impermebilizante, for 64m2, he charged 57 per m2, a total of $3648 pesos. His phone number is 333-727-0071.
  7. Sounds like he was a wonderful man. May he rest in peace.
  8. EldonNova


    I seem to remember reading somewhere that it cannot be grown here. Possibly needs cold nights like we have up north for daffodils and tulips.
  9. I am an expat and must say I am impressed, now that they have got major portions through Chapala with trees and street lights. It looks very nice and is being used by many cyclists. Can't wait to see the rest once it is finished. The one thing that disturbs me is all the cars that park on the bike path through the village of Ajijic. The Chapala Transito could make a fortune here if they gave out tickets.
  10. Have not tried this yet, but there were many comments about this a few months back. It said all you do is go where you went before with your ID and CURP and you will get free service. Not sure whether that sure stands now, but why not try and see what happens. I have Seguro Popular, and if I need service, I will go to the Chapala office (can't remember the street name) and see what happens. I usually just go there for flu shots every year.
  11. Would you rather have Tapatios coming here and infecting the population at Lakeside. Never mind what the federal government says; what the municipality is doing is the right thing, and if they have to, let them fight it out with the federal government.
  12. When we had our house built in the Raquet Club, our builder recommended getting a treatment plant, which, once put in the ground, would never need to be opened. The waste was treated by biological material and found it's way to the ground via some sort of weeping tile structure. As far as I know, it came from GDL.
  13. Why does not the Federal government step up to the plate and give the municipalities the authority for what they are doing. I for one, support it, and I know many others do as well.
  14. For me it has been definitely hotter this year than others, especially in February, March and this month. I would say it is climate change. No snarky remarks needed.
  15. Anyone who has lived here any length of time will know that Mexicans pronounce the letter "v" as we Americans/Canadians/English speaking people pronounce the letter "b".
  16. I have seen much discussion on Facebook about this issue. The majority of people are paying their maids full salary to stay at home. I saw one lady say she never realized how much work her maid actually did and gave her a raise.
  17. I am sure that those of us over 60 and live alone will not be put in jail or fined, if they are stopped by the authorities when going out for essentials.
  18. When I speak to my family in Canada, I usually get 5 or 6 minutes before it drops. Now I just use my cell. I do prefer their internet service though. There have been a few outages since I subscribed, but still a way better than Telmex.
  19. It's much easier to just go to Oxxo and pay it there. The CFE website is not user friendly.
  20. I saw on Canadian news this morning that the Zoom site in not safe. Were you actually talking about Xoom or Zoom. Just so you know.
  21. There is no sign yet, but it looks as though it has moved a little bit west, same side of the Carretera.
  22. You have to put things in perspective. How much have you spent on gasoline for the last 12 years, or to maintain a car.
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