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  1. I believe that, technically, the airport is in Mississauga, but considered part of the greater Metro Toronto area. All airline flights show Toronto.
  2. I take 25 mg and it comes in 20 to a container for 33 pesos at Farmacia Similares on Monday 25% off days.
  3. Do you not think it would be wiser to ask your family physician about these vaccines, as unless any of the people on this board are doctors, how can they validate their opinions?
  4. I buy Hidroclorotiazida regularly from Farmacia Similares, and have been doing so for a couple of years now. I take it along with my BP medicine Amlodipino to prevent my feet from swelling. It is a diuretic.
  5. I have heard there are no podiatrists at Lakeside (I may be misinformed). I need to see one as I have terribly sore feet and I need a specialist to look at them. If there are none at Lakeside, or who come to Lakeside, can anyone recommend a good foot doctor in GDL, preferably one who speaks English. All recommendations appreciated.
  6. We took the filters out of oursand cleaned them with vinegar, as well as the bottom of the water reservoir. You will still have a lot of crud on the bottom of your reservoir if you don't clean it out properly.
  7. In some of those numbers you see on your cheque would be the account number, but not the card number.
  8. I am sure the Ferreteria just before you get into the town of Chapala, mountain side, would have them. They are a very well-stocked Ferreteria. Ferreteria Calzada??? note sure about the name.
  9. Where is Sol y Luna located?
  10. Out of the 52 cases now in Chapala, it really would be nice to know how many are active.
  11. EldonNova

    Brazil Nuts

    Try El Granero on the Carretera in Ajijic, right next to Gossips Kitchen and across from Ajijic Hospital. Only one I can think of in Ajijic.
  12. I think there is also a sign on the storefront saying "Ilumina" which I believe was the name of the old store in San Antonio. We have been there and it is still owned by the same person.
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