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  1. The Garden Store in San Antonio has potting soil. They are located right next the where the 7-Eleven used to be on the lake side, to the east of 7-Eleven.
  2. Is there anyone around Lakeside who fixes smart watches.
  3. $389 or $399 for 20 MB internet, plus landline, plus Claro Video.
  4. We just cancelled our Ilox fibre optic and have Telmex 20MB fibre optice (the highest they have in Villa Nova). It is working fine and at much less cost. Time will tell.
  5. Is there a Salud Digna office at Lakeside or do you have to go to Guadalajara?
  6. This is a bit confusing. It says food selling businesses must only sell takeaway. Does this mean restaurants and such stores as Aurera? It also says hotels and restaurants must work at 30% capacity. Any thoughts???
  7. Make sure the site is secure if you want to use it to pay. The last I heard, it was not!!!
  8. I noticed that someone on Facebook said the site is not secure and apparently it says so when you open the site. I think I am going to go to City Hall to pay mine, unless I hear that things have changed.
  9. We have always used Zeta Gas and have never been ripped off.
  10. There is a tiny hole at the edge of my ceiling fan and something is causing a brown substance to seep out of there and I am not sure if it is termites or something else. When I went to Prisa in Ajijic, the guy said it would not be termites as there is no wood in the ceiling, just concrete and plaster, although I know from experience there are metal beams in the ceiling as well. He suggested putting a sealer on the hole to close it and see what happens. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem. If so, how did you stop this brown substance from coming out of the tiny hole. To
  11. We purchased a film from Parisina in downtown GDL. They have various different colours and types. They are not terribly wide and so may not be appropriate for your window (have forgotten exact measurements of them).
  12. We got our flu shot at the Centro de Salud in Chapala. It was the 3-type and not the 4 and it was free. In my opinion, the 3-type is better than nothing.
  13. We used them about 5 years ago and were pleased with the work they did. Very professional.
  14. No I am not saying only one person can collect. I just wanted to let people know there is another method of donating to this cause, just in case people need another alternative to donate rather than via paypal. Should have mentioned that in my post.
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