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  1. There is no sign yet, but it looks as though it has moved a little bit west, same side of the Carretera.
  2. You have to put things in perspective. How much have you spent on gasoline for the last 12 years, or to maintain a car.
  3. We were there this morning. He is open. To Lakeside 7, he told us it is very hard for him to secure good help these days. He only has one other employee to help him.
  4. We have made two or more claims on our house insurance since living here over the past 12 years, and the annual policy cost which is around 5,000 pesos is well worth it. We had several claims for broken windows in sliding glass doors, and we had a fire in our kitchen once. I would highly recommend having home insurance. Our agent is Teresa at O'Rourke Investments in Centro Laguna, right on the Carretera, across from Walmart. She has been our agent from the beginning.
  5. Do they come further east than Joco? I hope you post further as to it's reliability. Have they given you a time-frame as to when it will be installed?
  6. Wish I had known sooner. We were just there last week. By the way, it's Tonala, with an accent on the last "a". Good luck in your search.
  7. I thought that Cat Scans came with a letter from the Radiologist of the place where it was done, and then a GP just elaborates on the Radiologist's comments? That has happened in my case.
  8. It has paid off for us. We had a house in the Raquet Club and had a few instances of broken glass in sliding glass doors, one of them very large. We found the claim process easy. Better to be safe than sorry. We use Teresa Pineda at O'Rourke in Centra Laguna on the Carretera.
  9. Can't help you there, but just to let you know there is a Urologist who comes to Dr. Leon's office every second Thursday. His name is Dr. Roberto Martinez de Pinillos. You can call Dr. Leon's office at 376-766-5633 if you are interested.
  10. Have had this guy do work for me and always pleased.
  11. I need some cancer medication that is available in Mexico but quite expensive. I can order the same drug online and have it shipped to Canada. The cost for a year's supply is what one month's supply would cost in Mexico. I was thinking of having it shipped to my sister in Canada and then flying up there and bringing it back. It would still save quite a bit of money. However, my main concern is what will happen when I go through Mexican customs on my return and they discover a year's supply of the drug. Has anyone ever tried this before?
  12. We have had good experience with Intercam Banco. See Alejandra.
  13. We found a place along the carretera towards Chapala before Little Chapel on the Lake, on the lakeside. It is just a lot with a pile of these red stones, plus some other construction material. Not sure if they deliver or not. We did not need too many so were able to bring them back in a large bag.
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