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  1. Syver117, do you have a number for Amazon MX?
  2. In our block in Ajijic Amazon has made 3 deliveries in the last 7 days and not once did the driver have a face mask on when arriving at the door to deliver a package. Two days ago I stopped him on the street in front of my neighbors house to ask why no mask, he told me he has just finished lunch in his truck and forgot to put it on. Yesterday he made a delivery at my house and a worker received the package, same man, no mask. Unfortunately I was not there to snap his photo .. Does anyone have contact info for Amazon.. in the US I had a contact phone number that was invaluable in getting act
  3. Ferret; at the Sat. function we will have handouts to illustrate what we can and cannot recycle at this point in our program .. there are some materials that could be recycled in some parts of the world but here in Central Mexico there is not a buyer so, unfortunately, they go to the dump.. one solution mentioned a lot in comments about our plastic crisis is to avoid plastic packaging, when you can. Glass and cardboard are 100% recyclable..
  4. Mexilady .. please don't give up on us .. this problem (burying plastics and contaminating the seas and ground waters with plastics) has been a long time developing .. and it is going to take at least a little time to remedy. We are the Citizens Committee, all volunteers, you as a citizen did you part in donating these 3 'cestos' .. most of the separation is done by volunteers, the shipments of the sorted material is done by my company truck and employee .. 90% of this program is citizen operated .. the ONLY part we still cannot handle is the pick up and that is where the government is handl
  5. Ferret; We have recycle bins (cestos) spread around Ajijic. The most convenient ones for you might be in the corner of the highway at Vinos America or the one in front of the LCS. The Vinos America 'cesto' is supposed to be emptied on Weds so Thursday might be a good day to take your items to that one. The LCS is scheduled to be emptied on Monday so, Tuesday would be a good day for that one. We encourage you to wash and flatted your plastic bottles. Thanks for your interest, we are continuing to add cestos around town .. the next one scheduled to be installed will be at the corner of 16 de
  6. On October 5 the Lakeside Community will have it's first ever event to promote recycling in our area, in the 'south' grounds area of the Lake Chapala Society. The LCS has organized this event in coordination with the Ajijic Citizens Recycle Committee ( a pilot project of the Chapala Administration of Pres. Moises Anaya) and together we hope to offer an educational program and just have some fun too .. First the serious stuff.. The admission fee is one recyclable article .. an aluminum can, a plastic bottle (clean and flattened) or whatever you can bring along that we can recycle.. At 10am t
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