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  1. Gracias! I’m going with the satin glass.
  2. Hola, I’m looking to completely obscure some windows. I think satin glass would obscure the view both in and out but still let the light through. Does anyone know if there is a film that could be applied to the existing glass the would obscure the view?
  3. Hola! I’m looking for a trustworthy propane guy who speaks enough English that I can use WhatsApp to communicate. Any recommendations?
  4. Another Quick question: Does anyone know the cost to have ilox installed and does that need to be paid prior to installation? I’m also hearing it will be a few month wait. Sound right?
  5. Quick question: what would be a reasonable cost to fumigate a medium size house with no yard?
  6. I agree but now our tiles are such a mess and need to be redone. We will be very careful in the future and we really love the Saltillo tiles😎.
  7. Yes, my floors will absolutely need to be stripped and restarted. Artsnob, do you remember the name of your sealer?
  8. Just a quick question. A few years ago our then property managers arranged for our Saltillo tiles to be refinished and sealed. I can’t remember the problem other than we were told they need to be resealed periodically and we wanted more of a sheen. Well, work was done by someone who clearly didn’t know what they were doing and now they are peeling and look awful. I seem to remember someone warning against a particular product when sealing Saltillo (after our mess, of course☹️), and now I need to be sure that doesn’t happen again. Does anyone know what NOT to use? The name of the product that should be used would be helpful as well. Gracias!
  9. Gracias Ferret. When the leak was undetected under the house was there a gas smell? I’m losing so much gas I can’t believe we don’t smell it! I agree that now we will have to reroute the lines and am hoping to find a skilled plumber for the job.
  10. Hi everyone, I am dealing with a significant propane leak. I have updated a suspicious water heater, replaced the regulator and had a small leak repaired. I have had people investigate and have found no leaks, but I’m having to fill our large tank about every six weeks whether we are there or not. Can anyone recommend a really good plumber?
  11. I have many, many plants in containers on three floors of our house in Ajijic. Some of the plants need to be transplanted, many need to be moved or discarded. Our mirador has some very large cactus we would like removed. Does anyone know of someone who could help us get the job done? Obviously we need some muscle, but also someone with knowledge of the plants and a little English would be great. A garden center would be good because a lot of the plants to be discarded are fine, we just don’t have room for them. Any thoughts?
  12. Curmudgeon, could you share who did the work for you?
  13. Hmm, that sounds great. I’ll check with GO Solar. Contact number?
  14. Yes, who would I get to do a pressure test? I had a plumber who wanted to replumb by running lines outside the house. I may have to do that, but thought the old water heaters may be part of the problem. We do not smell gas.
  15. I have seen several recommendations for good wrought iron workers, but not one who speaks English. I’m just learning Spanish, so no where near ready to explain my needs😎. Any suggestions?
  16. Oh, and p.s., I don’t have the room for solar☹️ can anyone recommend a good plumber who speaks a little English?
  17. Thanks to everyone for your input. I don’t mean to be vague, I’m just not very knowledgeable, but the prices seem high to me. In trying to do some research, It did seem that most units were far less expensive than the quote I received, but I am not a plumber. I had a very nice guy who came over and told me this. I did not want to think he was taking advantage, but I don’t know what else to think. When I say double, we have a double boiler system on our mirador which feed two floors and then a tank on first floor. The double boiler is very expensive, but the most I’ve seen it on line is 16000 pesos, not 28000. My water heaters work but I am losing tons of gas and since they are old, we thought that might be the reason. Thanks again everyone!
  18. Can anyone give me a ballpark price for a new water heater? I have a quote for 28500 pesos for a double and 8400 for my single. That is not including installation. 700 pesos to install the single unit. Thoughts?
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