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    I have learned that the papaya seeds are one of the best remedies. You eat 20 seeds am and again pm for 5 days, take two days off. Then you take oil of oregano for a week every three months. It knocks out the biofilm. This is good for the good and bad junk in the gut. Then wash your produce in vinegar water. I think it is a cup per gallon of water. Those three will keep you parasite free. Papaya seeds daily, oregano oil quarterly; wash produce in vinegar water. Never touch your face or put fingers in your mouth; Wash your hand after everything and before everything;
  2. So what do you normally pay in gas and tolls one way? I am returning on March 13 this week. which bridge is the quickest (shortest lines) for return? thank you
  3. I am flying back into Guadalajara airport. Can I bring my supplements with me? such as Vitamin C, fish oil, calcium, saw palmetto, etc. thank you for your time
  4. MER


    I want to thank all the people that helped me get to Dr Teresa. I am now on the road to recovery. I went to doctors, I went to labs, I took several different types of medicine, I even went to San Antonio Emergency Room. I became so dehydrated that I thought I had a stroke or something similar. I could not even talk adequately. The whole thing was really bad. Shouda, coulda, woulda. The past is gone. I have not completed the two week bout so I cannot say this has worked either. But I am hopeful that it is working I really like Dr. Teresa. One warning...there are two streets
  5. I went there and it is still hard to find. Pretend you are going to roll the green tire into the building. That would be the front door Careful...there is a step down Could not tell if it was open or not until I walked all the way down. Left side of the tire place. Right side motel is too far right. A real hole in the wall In front of green tire is a banner but it is dark I could not read it until after I found the place. Just go to the tire place and slide to the left and fall forward. The green tire hides the front door from the street. Who's on
  6. Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third.... But I am going to venture out and find this place. I have been here almost 8 weeks and am getting good at finding things. Most people are rather nice to the lost newbies. One lady, on another post, did give me a map. That was so nice of her. Still, this is a hilarious post. https://www.baseball-almanac.com/humor4.shtml Do they make jelly donuts?
  7. Can you give me an address or a near location? ...around the Mercado... is not clear to me. I just arrived on Oct 13 so I am learning quickly but I still do not know very much
  8. Tell the owner of Ives Restaurant. He takes care of rescued dogs.
  9. MER


    This is what I needed to know. Not sure it is a parasite. Already used two different parasite meds. Daxon and Vermox Plus. Might be from mosquito bites. Don't know. So I need a doctor to check. I will try Neem and Dr. Teresa Morales in Jocotepec Does anybody have an address or phone number?
  10. MER


    Heard that there is a lakeside doctor that does in office stool tests for parasites. anybody know a name?
  11. I just arrive here on Sunday. Drove from Washington state to Los Angeles Then Los Angeles to Las Vegas Las Vegas to Dallas, Texas Dallas to Laredo Had a driver meet me in Laredo Driver finished my trip to Ajijic. Did not want to drive that stretch alone... If you are just a visitor (tourist), then drive yourself. But why? if you are only staying a couple of months. Do you have the $460 usd for the deposit? which lets you drive your car in Mexico. Make sure you have both your title and registration. Get Mexican insurance that will fly you back to the US if in a bad ac
  12. Can you get Garden of Life Vitamins? Ajijic, Chapala, or nearby? Also known as Vitamin Code and Raw Raw Vitamin C Raw Vitamin D These are quality vitamins in capsules. https://www.gardenoflife.com/content/vitamins/
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