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  1. Excuse my lack of knowledge but what area code for this number?
  2. Thank-you ibarra, I thought that was the thread I got the number from, maybe the post with the email was after I'd read the thread or I just missed it. Chapalence, I need more than just airport transfers which is why I was explicitly asking for a way to contact Francisco by email.
  3. I have the number 333-157-8060 for Francisco but don't know if I can reach him via text. He is highly recommended as a private driver, which we need, but I tried texting him (calling from Canada is ridiculously expensive) and never received a reply. I'd love to correspond via email with him and if that's not possible, to at the very least correspond by text. I don't know this gentleman from Adam and thought possibly he received my text but doesn't read English. Does anybody know if he has an email he can be reached at?
  4. Thank-you very much to everybody that took the time to reply to my question.
  5. I purchased a sim card in Cabo San Lucas this past winter that still has money left on it. I don't know how the Mexico phones work but if I use it in Ajijic, will I be charged long distance when making phone calls to local businesses in Ajijic using this sim card?
  6. Hi, do you know if Francisco can be reached via text to the number you provided. I tried texting (just because long distance calls from Canada can be very expensive) but I didn't receive a response from him. Would you know if he can be reached via email?
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