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  1. "Priciest Food Since 1970s Is a Big Challenge for Governments" I'd guess that with almost all governments worldwide having added so much debt to their balance sheets during the pandemic; Inflation will be here for a long time. https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/priciest-food-since-1970s-is-a-big-challenge-for-governments-1.1652365
  2. Granted my version of a Swack of cash, may be Much lower than some others (Unfortunately).
  3. "A large number or amount of something." https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/swack
  4. That chip on your shoulder must be getting heavy. Why don't you set it down and rest a bit. 🤭
  5. 2Expats, As per your previous inquiry about a mex bank account; another benefit I've found is when the exchange rate is favorable, I transfer a swack of cash from NOB to the Mexican bank. Then withdraw from there. I have a few staggered expiry date CEDES, for the excess that I will not need for a while. When covid first started to be a concern in the spring of 2020, the Peso was quite low. I believe the USD got close to 25 to one.
  6. I believe I've been helped by her at the original location near the OXXO. Nothing but top notch service from anyone I've dealt with at Intercam. I usually have gotten less than 10 feet from an ATM before they have sent an email stating that a withdrawal has occurred and for how much. Only negative I've ever heard was they pay less than some other banks for CEDES. 2Expats, you may want to take a second look at them.
  7. What is the difference between broccoli and a Booger? Kids will eat boogers! Ewwww
  8. That cracked me up, as I've had many incidents of "why didn't I do such and such at the time?" If you don't want to wait for your delivery, and wish to get a battery in now. I've had good luck with the little watch place beside the Dildoria, on 16 de Septembre.
  9. I do not get charged by Intercam when using their machines. They have two branches and an additional ATM at the LCS. I do not get charged 90p. It varies by which bank I use. As it is a Mexican card, the rates are 1/4 to 1/2, of what they show on the screen for fees on a NOB card. If you set up an account, ask for a daily limit increase to 10,000p. That can only be taken out in a branch and 5000p limit remains for ATMs. The only tax I pay is just under 1% on CEDES. As already noted, great service. Western most branch: Daniel Arturo Amezquita Padilla • damezquita@intercam.com.mx
  10. I also like the idea that when I only carry my Mexican card; If I were to loose it, it can be replaced locally much easier than a NOB card. I get fully reimbursed for my NOB debit card use, but like my Visa, they stay locked at home.
  11. Using Wise I've transfered over 300,000p in two transfers in a 30 day period. I don't recall if it fell in the same month or different ones. I had no problem. That was last year. I'm unaware of any limits. Your bank should be able to give you a definitive answer.
  12. I think it will continue as long as people keep feeding the trolls.
  13. When I updated mine. It left the old logo with a version 4.8 yellow banner, but added the new logo with a yellow Amazon banner. Clicking the version 4.8 kept saying to update. Using the Amazon version works fine. I manually deleted the old version. As noted by others, if you're not sure of how to do it yourself, contact Rich. I found him to be quite knowledgeable and friendly. Attached pic of the two logos side by side.
  14. A lot of the local businesses could use a good winter crowd after last season. 🤞
  15. Now I have a craving to check who you've given a "Like" to recently! 🤣
  16. All of their bikes are made by them. So an electric trike with wide tires would be no problem. Seem very professional and fluent in English.
  17. Rick, did the topic of mix and match for the third shot get brought up? Or is the default for the third, what a person has already taken? TIA
  18. That is "More or less" what he asked for. Someone offers what may have been helpful advice; And unlike others, didn't change the thread to be all about them.
  19. Why did you feel this was an acceptable response to someone trying to help you? 😔
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