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  1. I had a math teacher in HS tell the following joke: There are three types of people in this world, Those who can do math, AND Those who can't
  2. It is hard to tell they are two colors. The one I have is not nearly as obvious as the picture Mostlylost posted.
  3. I had beyond meat products NOB at a couple of different places. Wide variance on taste in my limited exposure. I am unaware of any down here. Always found it odd how they and tofu, try to shape their products to look like burgers or dogs.
  4. Sounds good; I have put it on my list. Thank you.
  5. Just how many people have died at your place so far? Sounds kinda scary 😳
  6. Sorry about the apparent non clarity. For me, I agree that slow smoked meat tastes great; However, like cigarettes, deep fried food, alcohol, or soda; the companies selling those products don't really care about our health. That is on us, as individuals. No offense meant, just my $0.02
  7. I like smoked meat, but your question seems to be like asking: why would the cigarette companies sell a product that kills their own clients.
  8. It doesn't appear that it will be a thread hijack at this point. The lyre bird is on the Australian $0.10 coin. It is arguably one of the best mimicking birds around. Glad they are not Lakeside!
  9. I've read that propane had a large run up in cost due to Covid restrictions at bars/restaurants. A lot of NOB establishments have tried to keep as many customers as possible by using propane heaters on their outdoor patios. Don't know if there are numbers to prove that or not??
  10. Would that cancel the effects of the tryptophan at Thanksgiving? Asking for a friend.
  11. They were picking up, not much after 7am this morning.
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