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  1. You left out being magnetized, and how about those tracking chips. I find both sides of this issue have made some false claims, but only one side has made crazy ones!
  2. I understand it gets applied when convenient, and ignored when not. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias
  3. That fails the sniff test. Are people more packed together in the USA? https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/countries-where-coronavirus-has-spread/ The Kent Variant was from the UK, are they more packed together? BS one either side of the issue is BS.
  4. Tax collectors. Thanks for your tip on filling out the forms. Any idea if you can do that with United?
  5. I used Xoom two weeks ago. PayPal used my Visa. No interest, or fee charged???? EDIT: I was incorrect, I have XOOM payments via my Debit card, NOT a CC. Thanks for the information, Virgo Lady.
  6. Most android boxes use a Kodi build. You can install that yourself onto a computer. Go to YouTube and type in "Kodi Build". There will be walk throughs on how to install Kodi and then the necessary "Build". Once installed you will get live TV, old TV shows, and movies. Eventually you start to loose channels. For around 50p you can get a 10ft hdmi cable to connect the computer to a smart TV. No VPN or costs (other than a cable, if you decide to get one).
  7. Had to Google him, wish I hadn't. Who does things like that?
  8. GPS does not need data to work. https://www.travelwanderlust.co/articles/how-to-use-gps-on-your-phone-without-data/
  9. Statisticaly; 8 out of 10 facts are compeatly made up by someone on a web chat board.
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