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  1. Yes! Another bonus of a water timer does not work on electricity. If the power goes out, it still stops before draining the tinako.
  2. One problem with my UPS is that I can't disable the alarm. So when the power goes out at 3:30am, the ceiling fan stops, and adding insult to injury, the UPS starts to chirp just to make sure I'm awake.
  3. Columbian or, Acapulco gold,....🤣 😉
  4. Drama: https://www.topteny.com/top-10-most-recorded-countries-with-the-most-human-trafficking/
  5. So it's not about the USA pointing fingers at Mexico? I see.
  6. Chicago, St Louis, Detroit, 🤔
  7. Being kind to a stranger, then getting burned; does not reflect badly on you, but on them. I'm sure we have all had bad experiences, but the odd time, someone may have really appreciated the kindness we showed.
  8. Can you imagine the outcome if the North Koreans could successfully get search results every 6.8 seconds for: Cohettas, internet outages, and the first day of rain?!?! Total anarchy.
  9. After saying that, you proceeded to express your opinion on multiple governments and political views.
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