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  1. Got the quad for 750p today as a walk-in. Great quick service at Lydia's.
  2. Last year the Mexican government's shots were Trivalent. Chapala Med, was selling the Quadrivalent. 1800p last year. Nov? https://www.cover-tek.com/trivalent-vs-quadrivalent-your-guide-to-the-flu-vaccine/
  3. It was never meant as a challenge. 🙄
  4. It's NEVER too late for a post to turn into an argument around here.
  5. Or the North Koreans, or Iran,.......somebody must be blamed, and punished! 🤣
  6. These mini mat type ones are sold in the Ajijic plaza. In the walkway north of Coffee Grano.
  7. A coincidence that they had a whistle blower yesterday on 60 minutes? https://edition.cnn.com/2021/10/03/tech/facebook-whistleblower-60-minutes/index.html
  8. I also meant no disrespect to the OP or Mark. Personally, for the same price, I'd prefer a newer car that has multiple safety features, other than a single 25 year old airbag that is most likely only provided for the driver.
  9. Worth a look. https://www.accesslakechapala.com/car-rental/
  10. While correct, there is a slight catch. You must wait for 14 days after the second shot to be considered vaccinated entering Canada. So you cannot just get a short layover and carry on. Also the Provincial passports seem to all have bottlenecks if your shots were from outside those Provinces.
  11. I believe it says that because the ethernet connection is sold separately. So you can only use the stand alone product if you have wifi. You must order the ethernet box separately if you want it. So those are the requirements for the firestick Without purchasing an adapter. I've sent a PM to Rich asking him to post here.
  12. Agreed. I had Rich reprogram one of Derick's old fiesticks for me. I told him my Ilox routers wifi was horrible and that I'd ordered a Cable adapter so that I could hard wire the firestick. He at no time said it would be worse. He did comment on the Ilox modem complaint being common. When I unplug the cable and go back to wifi, I get more buffering on the firestick. My Ilox is line of sight and less than 20ft away, yet I only see 1 of 3 bars for WIFI signal strength.
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