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  1. How many times did it happen before they needed a sign?
  2. Chris Martenson is the former VP of Pfizer. The video is a bit long: https://youtu.be/pnS4MbRribw
  3. Both the $ store, and the electronic store a few stalls down have them. The ones at the electronic store cost more but have a built in flashlight.
  4. If you use an android, try using this app on your Phone, to control your DVD. Iphones have similar options on their Phones to control DVDs. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.raafiya.universaldvdremotecontrol
  5. Understood,..."universal remotes" can even be used for a betamax machine
  6. My last cell was a Galaxy S7. I was able to use a universal tv remote control app on it. My current Galaxy S9 does not seem to work with any of the remote tv apps. Worth a try as it would cost you nothing.
  7. Flew in and out of PHX with my CDN passport in March for my Residentia Permenante (6 day stay). I wish the CDN immigration were as professional and polite as the US immigration. Friendly, and straight forward questions. I've found the same to be true in Houston (among other places when in transit). PHX is a nice airport as well. Others I've talked to who were in transit back to Canada since CV19 have told me that they had similar experiences.
  8. I enjoyed this person's point of view: https://markmanson.emlnk1.com/lt.php?s=42c99f2c85f0cd605bf1157322e4fbfc&i=300A345A1A1921
  9. They still had some at El Torito about a week ago. As the dollar store has been closed, they may still have some in their inventory??? The store beside them will apparantly get what you need from them.
  10. I have recently had great success using "Transferwise". Went from RBC to Intercam in less than 48hrs at a better rate than any bank I've seen,....but they charge about an additional $10 per $1000. https://transferwise.com/
  11. Does anyone know if Intercam will work? TIA
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