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  1. The pharmacy on the Carratara, across from the new Intercam Bank sells 5000IU vit D3. I think it was 250p for 60. I've read that the new recommendations are 4000IU per day, so they may be a bit of overkill.
  2. This site says you can keep an existing RRSP? I was advised to slowly withdraw mine until gone, the CA in Vancouver may have a reason for telling me that which I am unaware of. "Non-residents of Canada can continue to hold RRSPs after leaving Canada. Income and gains in an RRSP are considered tax-free in Canada and in many foreign countries with which Canada has tax treaties and where non-residents may live." https://mcacrossborder.com/blog/non-residents-and-registered-retirement-savings-plans-rrsps/
  3. As I do not have a VPN, I am unable to quote from the CRA site directly. "Who’s eligible for an RRSP? Opening an RRSP is super easy. The only conditions for eligibility are that you’re under 71 years of age, are a Canadian resident for tax purposes, and file income taxes in Canada." https://www.wealthsimple.com/en-ca/learn/what-is-rrsp
  4. Does anyone know why the garbage thread, seems to have disappeared without a trace?
  5. I think the biggest bang for the buck is buying tails and not whole lobsters. Perhaps you should get a local commission on lobster sales for starting this thread HJ? 😉
  6. Mr Bull is now stocking lobster tails at 1026p/Kg, so just over $23 USD/LB. After seeing these photos, I needed to get some too.
  7. Thanks for posting that; Interesting.
  8. I used your own misinformation to answer your own question. But to clairify: Are you now saying a doctor will treat you without insurance, then falsify a claim to one of the province's health systems at a later date?
  9. Well since you asked: you are wrong that you can not be charged for health care if you are a citizen. Residents get coverage. Becoming a non-resident does not mean you are no longer a citizen.
  10. There is sure a lot of misinformation on this thread. The OP asked about non residency. Not about staying out of the country for over 180 days and hen expecting health care. You MUST give up your drivers license, health care, primary residence and most banking. Again I suggest consulting a professional. "A non-resident is an individual who is no longer considered to be a resident of Canada for income tax purposes. Non-residents have typically left the country and have severed significant residential ties to the country. Residential ties to Canada include maintaining things such as a perm
  11. Have you ever had an RRSP? Or a TFSA? Their only purpose is to pay less tax.
  12. Odd? It opens for me on multiple devices? Maybe it wasn't made FOOL-proof? I have worked and paid taxes in 11 countries. I know that the CRA/IRS et al, have no responsibility to inform you that filing in a different manner will allow you to pay less tax legally. An expert can save you more than their cost. You don't always get what you pay for, but you never get more than you paid for. Daryl: A second company that coworkers have used is: The Expat Group https://www.expat.ca/ They are a bit invasive as they want to do retirement planning and investing on
  13. These guys specialize in that department: https://www.trowbridge.ca/
  14. Bought a mattress heater last winter. My place is too large to try heating all of it. Unlike an electric blanket, the heat comes from below. It also turns off automatically after 10hrs if I forget to turn it off. Great investment.
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