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  1. What a truly AMAZING community. We are SO blessed.
  2. THANK YOU to Trail Runner for sending her cavalry! SAFE till Monday. THANK YOU Kiko!!
  3. Huge front terrace window imploded during the wind storm last night, 220 cm by 247 cm. Viluma cannot replace until Monday. Suggestions for earlier replacement deeply appreciated...Las Fuentes near Jocotepec, worried about safety.
  4. The checkpoint near lakeside restaurant row was active all day.
  5. Excellent. I sanitize exactly like that, but outside on the terrace.
  6. " It is hot and this bug doesn't like heat. " Oh my. Where do you get THAT misinformation Maincoons? Please research. Stop spreading falsehoods and debunked myths. These can lull us into a false...and risky...sense of complacency. Trump also believes that "The heat, generally speaking, kills this kind of virus.” So you share your misinformed opinion with other "stable genius" company. 😄 Research is changing DAILY as scientists learn more about the reality and trajectory of this virus. Start your current research right here perhaps, where we read that "The impact of the virus is as serious in hot-humid weather conditions of Singapore as in the colder environment of European countries." https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/non-veg-food-hot-weather-aiims-director-bursts-biggest-myths-about-coronavirus/articleshow/74634404.cms and this: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/03/why-experts-doubt-warm-weather-will-slow-coronavirus-spread.html and this https://www.bbc.com/news/world-51735367 Stay informed. Stay current in your research.
  7. Ana Siller, state and federal licensed medical and legal translator and interpreter, you can reach her through her facebook page or at 331 464 4267
  8. Thanks so much for the lead...posted there this morning!
  9. Just wondering whether anyone living locally has plans to travel to Canada anytime soon, who might be willing to take a Christmas package to post to Hamilton Ontario for me. It weighs about two pounds, and of course I will pay postage. Would also happily exchange some Siete Leguas Tequila or a homemade chocolate cake for your kindness! I DO now about Mexico Mules and Sol y Luna. I am hoping to find somebody in the area. Thanks for reading!
  10. Dance of the Deer. THAT'S IT! Thanks so much!
  11. Pay her fairly? Be generous. I have a WONDERFUL Mexican lady who prepares meals for me once a week, then I freeze them. I buy all the ingredients, based on her advice, and I pay her 500 pesos for three hours of meal prep...plus always a generous tip...because we CAN, right? I feel VERY lucky! Suerte!
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