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  1. Wonderful! So you were able to get a credit card with Intercam in Ijijic?
  2. Good to know, thank you! One of the things I've seen so far just from speaking with banks, is without a credit history, its difficult to prove that without having a credit history in Mexico. Was this part of the process easy as well?
  3. Hello I would love to know if you have experience setting up an account and getting a credit card at Intercam, in Ajjijc, such as any recommendations or tips. Also, I noticed this bank is classified as a "private bank", but from my research I can't see exactly what that means except possibly the banking is intended for those with high income / large assets, and geared toward wealth management. Any other thoughts are welcome! With thanks
  4. Hi there, I would love to hear if there are any recommendations to getting a Mexico credit card at a local bank. If the process went well for you, any suggestions or tips, or specific banks you would recommend. Ideally, we would like an air miles card, that collect AeroMexico points. If there's specific requirements, like visa status, that would also be very helpful to know. Thanks so much, Susan
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