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  1. Hi there, I have read this over, and am unable to see anything about whether cleaning / gardening staff could return to work. If anyone sees a clear guideline in this or another report, please let me know! Also, there is no mention about whether people can go out again for reasons other than "essential". Is this something brought up in another report? Thanks so much.
  2. Thanks so much SunFan By office I gather you mean the homeowners association, but let me know if you had something else in mind. When I read your message, I was interested in 'how' you were finally able to find the septic tank location. The guys are out digging right now, and so far haven't found it. We are searching for the blueprints, but they might not be helpful as you found. Any thoughts are welcome of course.
  3. Hi everyone, We have a house in upper Chula Vista and are attempting to find its blueprints, because of a septic system issue on the property. I'm interested in knowing if you may be aware of ways blueprints for properties in this area can be found - for example, could the municipality keep copies of them, or something along that line. Any thoughts are welcome! FYI, we've already checked our local homeowner's association. Many thanks, Susan
  4. Hi there, Thank you for this! I'm searching for a solid source of news (English) to provide any major updates about the Covid situation in the Chapala / Ajijic area. Major news to me is, for example, is the government changing or implementing any new measures the public needs to be aware of; any major changes in infrastructure, etc. Any thoughts on this are very welcome! Regards
  5. Hi there, I am thinking of having an iPhone shipped from AT&T in the US to Ishop & Mail via the Lima Loop address in Laredo Texas. Of interest is if anyone has had any experience doing this, and shipping some kind of more 'expensive' equipment. Would love to hear your thoughts and any advice you might have! Regards, Susan
  6. Hi there, I will be renewing vehicle registration for a friend this month in Chapala, however have heard conflicting information about what is required for this. What I understand is if I have the plate number, the vehicle owner's full name and DOB, that is all that is required to renew. I don't require to bring in past years receipts or copies of receipts for this process. Any thoughts to illuminate this would be appreciated! In gratitude, Susan
  7. Hi there, There is a form at the Canada Consulate I need to fill out called the Form PPTC 028, Acknowledgement/Consent to provision of passport services for a minor child, which is done at the nearest consulate in Guadalajara. But I am interested to know whether Canada Consulate services are offered in the Chapala/Ajijic area similar to those offered in Guadalajara? If you have any knowledge of this topic, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
  8. Hi there, I've been looking through posts on this site for info about changes to wage policies in Mexico, and see there's different or conflicting information. We have part time (a few hours per week) cleaning and gardening staff, who have worked for us over a year, and have been giving them an annual raise of 5 pesos per hour in December, plus an annual 2 weeks Christmas bonus / vacation pay before December 20th. I'm not clear however, what is legally required versus optional these days. If there's important legal requirements we should know about, for example, if the required increase in hourly pay has changed, or the Christmas bonus requirement (if there is one) has changed, I would appreciate your thoughts. Many thanks, Susan
  9. Wonderful! So you were able to get a credit card with Intercam in Ijijic?
  10. Good to know, thank you! One of the things I've seen so far just from speaking with banks, is without a credit history, its difficult to prove that without having a credit history in Mexico. Was this part of the process easy as well?
  11. Hello I would love to know if you have experience setting up an account and getting a credit card at Intercam, in Ajjijc, such as any recommendations or tips. Also, I noticed this bank is classified as a "private bank", but from my research I can't see exactly what that means except possibly the banking is intended for those with high income / large assets, and geared toward wealth management. Any other thoughts are welcome! With thanks
  12. Hi there, I would love to hear if there are any recommendations to getting a Mexico credit card at a local bank. If the process went well for you, any suggestions or tips, or specific banks you would recommend. Ideally, we would like an air miles card, that collect AeroMexico points. If there's specific requirements, like visa status, that would also be very helpful to know. Thanks so much, Susan
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