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  1. Thanks Rick. My goal is to buy a camper van or some kind of van down in Mexico this fall and return back for Christmas. Might be difficult to officially switch the plates over, especially since a lot of the colectivo vans and camper vans I’m looking at are not sold in the US (even though they are legit Nissan and Toyota vans) but if I can easily go back and forth without exceeding a year, that sounds like the way to go (and more reason to always return to Mexico hehe ). What’s the scoop to know for have the right insurance or paperwork at the border?
  2. It’s seems like you can easily enter the US with your Mexican plated car for up to a year. Does anyone know the logistics of wanting to go back and forth long term? For example, if I spend 6 months in the US and 6 months in Mexico each year, can I drive back and forth no problem for many years?
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