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  1. Spent a week en El Salvador, they also have topes, but I think they call them "tumulos" and just like Mexico, they are just about everywhere.
  2. Anyone know if a personal use cargo trailer has to have a plate in Mexico? I have heard no. Sure don't see many trailers in Mexico like you do in Texas.
  3. Two of my dogs wouldn't do well in a cargo hold even though they love their crates. My miniature Maltese is probably allowed on board.
  4. I personally love Cozumel. Relaxing, inexpensive, and if you scuba dive, it is outstanding.
  5. Dogs are den animals, and if they have a crate at home, hopefully the trip won't be hard on them. My three dogs love their crates, they frequently nap in them with the door open. Crates, when used properly, are great for training dogs and are not cruel as some folks try to convey. Surely, there are direct flights with no layovers and transfers.
  6. Personally, we have had great experiences with the "In House" doctors. In fact, that is one of the things that attracts us to Mexico, however, we have access to second medical opinions in our family.
  7. I think it is usually 4-6 weeks. However, I found a Mexican immigration lawyer in San Diego who can get them in three weeks, for a fee of course, and you don't have to even be in Mexico! We used his service, because we want to set up insurance, bank account, and start looking at property, but we can't stay in Mex. for 4-6 weeks currently. Waiting for house to sell.
  8. I was talking with a close Mexican friend the other day, and we were both laughing about "mordidas". It was hot, and we had a beer or three, but we both agreed that we would rather pay a mordida, knowing that it went directly to help he or she and their family, than pay some ridiculous tax that goes to a political crook. Much more expeditious to pay a mordida than a fine or tax.
  9. Thanks Kiko, I'll look into that after I ruin all the hiking trails.
  10. I recently had lens implant surgery in Dallas, $6000 US Medicare paid next to nothing. Great vision at first, but now they want to do a laser procedure to make it even better.
  11. Are they any trails for 4 wheelers? Think I could get mine across the border?
  12. I read that the 2019 and 2020 Toyota diesel Hilux is US approved, (not for California yet) There should be a DOT sticker under the hood, and another sticker on the door jam. I want one of these also!
  13. I just have to ask, Why ?
  14. We hope to be settled in by the summer's end. My daughter plays Alto, tenor and baritone sax and flute, she can read anything, still working on improv. Just a kid, but will try to contact you here when we are settled! I play guitar, mostly flamenco and some really weird blues.
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