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  1. I was talking with a close Mexican friend the other day, and we were both laughing about "mordidas". It was hot, and we had a beer or three, but we both agreed that we would rather pay a mordida, knowing that it went directly to help he or she and their family, than pay some ridiculous tax that goes to a political crook. Much more expeditious to pay a mordida than a fine or tax.
  2. Thanks Kiko, I'll look into that after I ruin all the hiking trails.
  3. I recently had lens implant surgery in Dallas, $6000 US Medicare paid next to nothing. Great vision at first, but now they want to do a laser procedure to make it even better.
  4. Are they any trails for 4 wheelers? Think I could get mine across the border?
  5. I read that the 2019 and 2020 Toyota diesel Hilux is US approved, (not for California yet) There should be a DOT sticker under the hood, and another sticker on the door jam. I want one of these also!
  6. I just have to ask, Why ?
  7. We hope to be settled in by the summer's end. My daughter plays Alto, tenor and baritone sax and flute, she can read anything, still working on improv. Just a kid, but will try to contact you here when we are settled! I play guitar, mostly flamenco and some really weird blues.
  8. Are there any quiet wine bars, or Tapas bars in the lake area?
  9. I hear ads for a product called Dinobite that might work. Could be a nutrition issue
  10. And I am one of those conspiracy nuts (layman term for investigative reporter) that believe the US Govt/Deep State is responsible for many of the mass shootings in the US. I'll take my chances with the cartel any day.
  11. The young student in the film footage who described what had happened and was used over and over and occasionally even today, his name is Larry Feiss. He was a friend of mine. He became a very good architect/engineer, and an accomplished flamenco guitarist. I met him at Ed Freeman's house. There is a Wikipedia page about Ed the well know English Band Leader. Anyway, I hadn't seen Larry in years and out of the blue he called up several of us fellow flamenco guitar students to come to his home for a reunion of sorts. It was a great evening. Two months later he was dead from pancreatic cancer.
  12. No, sorry, just very busy. Thanks for all the great responses. The summer before my senior year, my family moved, and to this day I remember how I thought my life was over! My daughter is a Junior and is really into music and the HS band. She is Band Manager, plays 4 instruments and has a good chance of being drum major her senior year, not to mention the Jazz band and Concert band. Looks like we are going to take over my older daughter's (she is 42) upstairs when our house sales and we are coming down in Nov. to look at houses. We are going to show her around The University of Guadalajara and I hope something interests her. But, most important, is that she finds a friend or two. You know how important that is to teenagers. I'm not worried about gang/bad association influences, she has a pretty good head on her shoulders and we have all that stuff here in the suburbs of Dallas. The short of the matter is that we want her to finish HS here, so we will be back and forth quite a bit to Lake Chapala and Dallas. We also have a three yr old grandson that we want to spend time with! My plan is to buy a truck and enclosed trailer in Guad. and make a few trips, over several months. Still trying to figure out what to do with my two wienee dogs and one Maltese. Might just pay a coyote to bring them over, easier than dealing with the border agents. We are so excited about this move and the chance to make new friends. My wife loves gardening and decorating and wants to learn to play the piano. I play flamenco guitar and hope to sit on my butt all day and play in a bar. Hopefully, in Paracho I can get my own label of guitars to sell on the internet. That's who we are, thanks for all the information!
  13. Sorry, yes I did mean kids she can converse with, we are working on her Spanish, this is her second year. I wasn't aware of any bilingual schools. That would really help her language skills, going to a bilingual school. Thanks.
  14. My wife and I have a 16 yr old daughter, and she really is upset about us making plans to move to Lake Chapala. You know how important friends are to teenagers. Just wondering, anyone know if there are many High School age kids in the area? If she could meet a few, it would really help her over this trauma! I really know how she feels, my Dad moved me from a large city to a small rural town my senior year. I thought my world had ended. Any advice, observations or experiences appreciated!
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