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  1. This will kill tourism to Mexico. Nobody will travel here knowing they will have to take such an unreliable test before being allowed to fly home. The possibility of getting stranded in a foreign country for 2-3 weeks, traversing it all in a foreign language, the costs, etc. is a game changer. WHO politicized this from the get go.
  2. We are hoping to be semi permanent Lakeside by July, and definitely want to be Lakeside during November elections. Should wave two hit, or who knows what else, my gut tells me it will be safer in Mexico.
  3. Some expect (and I am one of them) that the US will continue to print worthless paper money (the only thing that give the currency value is the military) until it collapses and a gold standard will take over. The monopoly money will be used to build up the US infrastructure in the meantime. Interesting theory.
  4. My family and many of my friends started prepping for something like this the first day that Obama took office. Being self reliant is very comforting. However, in all of our discussions and planning, we were not prepared for biological warfare. Firepower is pretty much useless until pandemonium erupts in the streets. In the US, the Mormons run "food pantry" stores for basic supplies and they even give them out freely to the poor. It is part of their belief system to be prepared, remember, they also have the seed storage place. We are not Mormon, but they are open to all. The political posturin
  5. Jehovah's Witnesses drink alcohol. Not to excess, but it is not forbidden.
  6. We have all been duped and we drank the Koolaide. Here are the current US numbers. Early March > Imperial College of London Covid-19 Response Team estimates 2.2 million covid deaths in the USA. 4/10/20 CDC > Deaths involving or related to Covid 19 and Pneumonia = 16,676. Reports are, that even these low numbers are inflated because many deaths are being reported as Covid deaths that shouldn't be. The economy was destroyed by this biological attack. Now, ask yourself, who had the most to gain from this, and who had the motive?
  7. Included in the US relief package was the legalization of "digital currency" . France is playing with the idea and Australia appears to be ready to go. The US petro dollar appears to be doomed due to inflation, and more "relief" packages coming down the pike, oil prices so low, national debt, etc. I am extremely concerned that the dollars I have in the bank will soon be worthless and I would rather own a home Lakeside than have dollars in the US banking system. One of the arguments is "paper money can carry viruses", but I am more afraid of an economic collapse than I am of the Chinese virus.
  8. Withdraw your money and close account. Buy gold and silver. Save it for a rainy day.
  9. I'm in the process of moving Lakeside. I really appreciate the housing choices and low taxes. I love the music, it is everywhere. I love practicing my Spanish, I even like the dogs walking in the streets.
  10. You are also limited to the number of replies to posts/day. At least, I was limited. Seems odd.
  11. https://obamadoesntcare.tumblr.com/post/612434638346010624/mojave-pete-thank-god-for-30-plus-years-of?fbclid=IwAR3jAmu77itmLPUnKEdN7CqWvoPEORcod3rM6cApEyeJYMV1MulKGhb0BV4
  12. That is not what he said. Listen to his speech. You are just repeating the same false information as the press.
  13. We have been looking at lakeside property for some time, and now what I would really like to understand is how the private hospitals are handling the Chinese Virus situation. I'm sure housing prices will plummet, but realistically, what retired person can live in an area without proven medical care? Will the private hospitals be able to handle their paid clientele or will they just operate like IMMS hospitals? Incredibly, we closed on our house in Texas last Thursday and the border is closed! Never thought I would need a coyote to get into Mexico! We are all assuming that the US economy will r
  14. I wish I could find a list of EPA approved Mexican vehicles.
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