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  1. Looks like they may not stock it. Might need to order it. Here might be a better option...Mercado Libre: https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/perfocal#D[A:Perfocal ]
  2. It's more popularly known as "panel perforado" and here are two links to some of the hooks...there are a bunch of different sizes: http://www.homedepot.com.mx/ferreteria/ferreteria-general/sujetadores-ganchos-y-accesorios/gancho-dobles-3-galvanizado-258177 http://www.homedepot.com.mx/SearchDisplay?categoryId=&storeId=10351&catalogId=10101&langId=-5&sType=SimpleSearch&resultCatEntryType=2&showResultsPage=true&searchSource=Q&pageView=&beginIndex=0&pageSize=20&searchTerm=panel+perforado#facet:&productBeginIndex:0&facetLimit:&orderBy:&pageView:grid&minPrice:&maxPrice:&pageSize:&
  3. It's called Perfocal and you can get it from Home Depot in Guadalajara. Here is a link to the page: http://www.homedepot.com.mx/materiales-de-construccion/paneles-de-madera/perfocel/perfocel-blanco-44mm-4x8-424607
  4. I don't have to be be faster than the bear chasing us....I just need to be faster than you! My guess though: The threat is overblown!
  5. I lived a number of years in a small interior town in North Eastern Brazil. As in many parts of Mexico, the home structures were right on the street or close and all had walled backyards. Mine was no different but the unusual thing I noticed...every wall had been topped with mortar with shards of broken glass standing up perhaps 3 to 4 inches tall. It was very intimidating. One might deduce there existed some huge crime rate but none existed. It's just what folks did. Rule One: If one builds a solid concrete bunker, steel reinforced with automatic machine guns and a moat filled with alligators, someone can break in. Rational common sense generally is all that's needed. Get carried away and the pros think you have something very very valuable and they will bring a tank to break down the walls.
  6. I would recommend looking for an AirBnB and try to find one with a monthly discount. Many offer a discount for a full week and sometimes even more for one month or more. Many offer suites with separate entrances and kitchen etc. AirBnB allows you to communicate with a host prior to booking. airbnb.com to inquire about possible discounts.
  7. A serious attack by a well equipped gang on a common residence can not be prevented! The good news: Most thieves are looking for an unlocked door, an open window, in short a simple way in to an unoccupied residence! Low hanging low risk fruit. A few simple precautions like bars and an obvious well advertised alarm will stop all but the most determined burgler.
  8. It sounds like you mean metal bars...not screens to keep bugs out. The broom handle will definitely keep the door from being jimmied. But the glass in these doors is designed to shatter into thousands of small little pieces to avoid injuries. And burglar with a small hammer or even rock with be in in seconds. Many of these sliding glass doors come with a slider bug screen built in. The good news is, the track these screens ride on, can be modified to accept a locking bar/grid system...money is wonderful thing. Many people have a door like set of bars attached to the house that can be closed and locked. The slider can be left open or closed.
  9. They don't describe the "Behind the Walls Tour" in the brochure. What does it involve?
  10. I forgot...Ajijic is a horrible place to by an MRI...I'd head down to SJC...
  11. I think you asked the cost of an MRI and where to get one. I think MRIs cost several million dollars are incredibly heavy and most residence could could not support the weight or power consumption. They are also very noisy and will irritate the neighbors. Contact General Electric for a new one. eBay has a couple of used ones: https://www.ebay.com/itm/extremity-MRI-machine-magnetic-resonance-imaging-MRI-dedicated-open-bore/323774279241?hash=item4b62736e49:g:7EEAAOSwYvFZGQYz https://www.ebay.com/itm/Siemens-Avanto-Mobile-MRI-Refurbished-2019/143315986877?hash=item215e4c69bd:g:skgAAOSwGKJdCQ57 The second one is actually portable in its own semi trailer. You'd have to supply the tractor and all the power... Just park it out front. It was a slow afternoon!
  12. I guess that's the hell of it ain't it! And just to be clear...it's your other right!
  13. Will citrus grow at your altitude, rainfall and temps? Oh and the Mercado Libre is easy to find...just take the carretera to second to the last stop sign and turn right.
  14. Howdy, Is a Catarina a ladybug? One of the cutest bugs we have and they eat aphids!!
  15. This is quite magnificent. Your fotos capture a snippet of Mexican life that I hope is surviving somewhere nearby. To be able to view an event like yours would indeed be priceless! Thank you for sharing.
  16. You folks are fabulous. I could not have wished for a better collection of information. I rode the buses in Brazil extensively and always loved the adventure of it all....sometimes packed and sometimes less so! The key will be: Is there a bus route nearby? Maybe a short walk I bet. Thank you to all!
  17. I am guessing the local buses run from Joco to SJC to Ajijic to Chapala and perhaps beyond. Curious to know how far, how often, how early, how late and how much. As a new resident at 70 years old, can I get the Senior Citizen discount and how much is the discoun? Are there specified Bus Stops? Do fares change depending on how far one travels? I also understand there are large and small buses but I don't know what that means. My Google search was inconclusive. Any bus travelers? Thank you in advance.
  18. I was seeking the weight and dimensions of his telescope and the books. Also, he stated it was too expensive to use a suitcase. I was asking how much he was quoted.
  19. Could you share the weight and approximate dimensions of your items. Plus, you said the extra suitcase fees were high. How much were they?
  20. I wonder Michael Ray, if a quick visit with your daughter in tow might be appropriate. Perhaps her input would make her feel like a part of the process and, she might even like it??
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