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  1. Read your citation from Reverb...it appears the industry is happy and it appears the changes that made that way came later...I marked the relevant passages. Am I reading it wrong? ========================================================================================================== On August 28, 2019, (this is August) the Conference on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) in Geneva, Switzerland voted to exempt finished musical instruments, parts, and accessories from CITES restrictions on all rosewood species except Brazilian rosewood. The restrictions on Brazilian rosewood, whose endangered species status and restrictions predate those on other kinds of rosewood, remain in place. As of November 26, 2019 (and this is after the August 28th), the exemption for musical instruments is now in effect, according to the CITES convention. The US Fish and Wildlife Service will no longer issue permits for the export of finished musical instruments, parts, and accessories, bringing an end to much of the headaches that have plagued the musical instruments industry for the last several years.
  2. I will watch this tomorrow but the CITES document I read appears to exempt musical instruments...is that incorrect??
  3. Impressive...I looked it up! You are right on the money...my mind is at ease!
  4. I agree...some guy working the night shift would have no idea and probably care less....but... There are horror stories in the EU about guitars seized and tied up for long periods of time!!
  5. She's a beauty...rosewood sides and back???
  6. I have heard it's a must go place!! The festival sound pretty fab! Just how good a guitar do they make there???
  7. Hello all you musicians... The Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna seeks to control the movement of certain woods and other flora and fauna. Brazilian Rosewood guitars are particularly susceptible to very close inspection. I own a 50 year Brazilian acoustic guitar and a Gibson with a Rosewood fret board. Does anyone know if these guitars would be of concern to the Mexican Aduana folks???
  8. This page from their website discusses the cafeteria: https://gdl.hma.com.mx/servicios-hospitalarios/otros-servicios/
  9. We have just arrive at Lakeside for a week and want use UBER! I checked w/ UBER before leaving NOB and I am told my normal UBER App should work just fine! Problem is normally I would see where all UBER cars are ....but I see none Lakeside or Guad for that matter. Any thoughts?
  10. Try contacting bennadancer@yahoo.com Breen Miller. She is teaching a class at the Lake Chapala Society headquarters. Look on this page about halfway down: https://lakechapalasociety.com/public/
  11. I am on a mission from god!! My sweetie would like to know the cost of a manicure/pedicure and a couple of places Lakeside she might go? We'll be arriving Saturday David Rodwell
  12. I did not know about http://ajijicnews.com/ Fabulous...thank you twice AjijicBound!! Looks like http://ajijicnews.com/ is your baby....!! Very helpful.
  13. Lovely...thank you! This gives her some excellent choices!
  14. Hello All, My wife and I will be in Ajijic the second week of December. She would like to take a Yoga class or two somewhere in Lakeside. She'd like an English speaking teacher. Any help would be appreciated. David Rodwell
  15. So you are saying it doesn't matter what country one buys the ticket in? And your last sentence is very interesting. I will have to decide if that is indeed a better way to run my successful business!
  16. Isn't reel to reel audio only? Did you record just sound onto a VHS tape? Wouldn't any sound recording device work? Probably the best folks to ask about LCS is maybe LCS. Here's their number: (376) 766-1140
  17. These look like great options...pretty inexpensive too! VHS only though...slides, 8 and 16 millimeter home movies and old photos will need the old fashion way. But since you have a VHS tape these look great!
  18. If it helps, even the pros all use the same method: Essentially all the methods out there play/project the image on a screen, TV or even a wall. Then they place a digital recording device in front of the image being played...slides, old 8/16 mm home movies, VHS tapes....basically whatever! Simply find a VHS player (easy) a nice TV with good quality screen and then simply set up a digital recording device, camcorder, cell phone etc on a tripod or propped up on a box...whatever you have, and press record. After you have it recorded on a digital device, you covert it to a DVD or any of the formats of digital files...MP4 etc...this last step frequently requires a teenager or younger. I have never checked YOUTUBE but the smart money says there are dozens of instructional videos. Easy...it has always been a super low tech industry. If folks only knew how easy it is considering most people already have what is needed.
  19. Amen...I have a few buddies listed here!
  20. I have a feeling a round-trip airline ticket booked in Mexico from Guadalajara to Los Angeles and back is cheaper than a round-trip ticket booked in the US from Los Angeles to Guadalajara and back. I know that is true for tickets purchased in Italy. My hypothesis is: US airlines or those foreign airlines operating out of the US essentially to anywhere and then back to the US will charge what they feel the market will bear....which is more than the corresponding tickets from most places in the world to the US and then returning the place of origin. Anyone have a thought?
  21. The link typically is a site selling a diet program of something useless...but no matter what, it's not something good. A test is put your mouse over the top of the link....DO NOT CLICK....on my screen in the lower left, it shows where the link really goes...usually it's a site that makes no sense. Don't Click ever!
  22. I am not there yet but crazy about Pickle Ball. I thought it was just for old 70 year olds like me....but some of those grandmothers will give me a good pasting!! Really glad to hear they have PB.
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