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  1. In the end, people will be together. Can go a long time because of the courage to admonish Or have an open conversation When I think like this, I feel happy when That close people dare to admonish each other When acting not cute than letting go Let us indulge in acewin The actions and bad thoughts that we are not aware of
  2. Sometimes we are heartbroken even though he doesn't know. That we love him But because we know ourselves Well how much we love him And he gave us love How much to feel more than I can feel Therefore had no effect but regret Only and we understand until we are afraid To reveal my heart to him Just one person who loves one side star vegas
  3. It is definitely a wonderful restaurant. I hope it looks very good But the decoration, I think it requires good understanding, because the decoration will be able to create attractive points of interest That is a little im pression of people coming to your store. เกมยิงปลาWish you good luck
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