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  1. My friend used to use it before, but it is not the same model, the model that I use is very bad, it makes me regret the money to buy it. The sound of my Bluetooth wireless car speaker is bad. Very much. Nowsboslot I am starting to look for new things. Hopefully, if I do your shopping, it'll be okay. Hopefully, it's better than ever. Every time, because I feel very bad.
  2. Hey, can you post the picture? Would it be betterlive22 if you had the illustration instead of the letter? If you can't do it, try searching on Google. If that's the case, it's hard to sell something. It's probably not possible. If you have a picture, it will help people to buy it easier than you think, right? When you want to buy products from anyone or anywhere, the first thing you want to know is Sample or picture Ta is the price.
  3. I think you should have a picture of the product that you are trying to sell. It's great. It's a good idea to have both a picture and a little clearer price. I can't see the picture. So if someone is trying to buy your item but you leave only the mail and phone number to haba nero contact, it's just a little bit fierce to make the people who come to buy things That you trust Or the goods are received. I just came to recommend. That is the basic thing that you have to let the customer see the sample product in order to be easy to put in the product to buy and it will be easier than that, just you clearly tell the price.
  4. Why do you choose to sell? You don't want to use it, hmm? Well, well, I think it's valuable to me. If you want to sell it, then there must be a reason or you are a distributor. If you are really a sales person, I think you should put a little bit more than sbobet this and then promotions. If you are actually a sales person, I think that the information you provided doesn't really attract customers. You should have a small amount of information to make Du interested.
  5. It is definitely a wonderful restaurant. I hope it looks very good But the decoration, I think it requires good understanding, because the decoration will be able to create attractive points of interest That is a little im pression of people coming to your store. เกมยิงปลาWish you good luck
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