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  1. Hi Harry 

     I will be in Chapala on January 10th and I have a Resmed AirSense 10 Elite with Humidair.   It is 4 months old and I used it for only one month.  I was borderline needing it when I took the test and I just can't get use to using it.  It has the nasal mask not a full face mask.  I am not sure if you can get the pillows or filters there but you could order them online.  It has the carrying case and all the instructions. 

    You can pm me if you are interested. 

  2. I am from Canada and when my wife and I went in September this year I used Rentcars dot com.  I rented from Mex Car and they were fantastic !  They have a shuttle at the airport to take you to where all the rental car places are. Just see the kiosk after you get your luggage. 

     With Rentcars they will give you the price including the insurance that you need. They only include the cost of insurance with a few of the companies and not others. Mex put a hold of $400 on my card as a security deposit but they all do that.  They did ask me about getting insurance but when I told him I had it and he saw that I had paid it already to Rentcars he just said, Ok and off they went to get our car. I got a Hyundai Elantra and it was in great shape.

     I would not hesitate to use Rentcars again. Everything went great from booking online till dropping the car back off at GDL.   I hope this helps. 

  3. I thought I would post an update. 

    After phoning 6 different phone numbers and leaving voicemails, sending 4 emails to 3 different addresses starting on Nov. 11th. I received an email from Banjercito this morning saying they changed the name on my TIP to reflect my name as on my passport. They also said it had been sent by UPS.

     This afternoon my TIP arrived with all the correct information on it. I guess the small amount of hope I wished for worked !!!

      I went today and bought a lottery ticket. 5185.gif

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  4. Being that I can't get a hold of anyone at Banjercito I will have to do as you suggest. 

     When I get the TIP in the mail do l exchange that one for something different when I stop to get the tourist visa or is the one I get in the mail the only one ?

     I have seen some videos that talk about road stops and they check your TIP. Concerns there ? 


  5. 5 hours ago, RVGRINGO said:

    I suggest that you figure out how to officially cancel that "TIP", and start over again when that is accomplished.   In Mexico, they are very strict about all official documents having matching names...precisely & exactly matching names.

    I've tried phoning and got 2 which only speak Spanish, which I am only beginning to learn , and the English phone number nobody answers. I have sent 3 emails and no answer. I have tried 3 Mexican Consulates and they don't know what to do.   I checked my application status just now and it said it is approved and I will get an email.

     I would think , hope , they would of seen the mistake when they are suppose to check my information. My passport copy would not match the application.

  6. 18 hours ago, EldonNova said:

    You do not need a BIG water heater.  Get an "on demand" heater.  They are very small but only use gas when you turn on the hot water tap.  If you live in a big mansion, you may need more than one, but these are the way to go. We have a Bosch which we purchased from Home Depot in GDL.  There are only two of us and it is more than sufficient.  Other people should chime in here who have on demand heaters.

    Hi EldonNova


      What size of WH do you have ? Is it one for the whole house or just in the bathroom for the shower ? I'm thinking of doing a change at my home.

  7. 10 hours ago, AlanMexicali said:

    You don't put your maternal last name on Mexican forms. You leave that blank because it is not your legal name but for Mexicans it would be their legal name.

    I see that now but it asked for my mother's maiden name and didn't say anything about maternal. In Canada your mothers maiden name is almost always used as a security question so obviously that's why I put it in when asked.  

  8. 11 hours ago, RickS said:

    Clarification for me/us:  Did you actually get your TIP delivered to you in Canada?  Your concern is that your name is John Doe but the TIP paperwork says John Doe Smith?

    BTW, it may have just been the way you decided to phrase it, but there is no longer a "KM21" Facilities at Nogales or any border crossing. Your stop will be just a tad south of the border crossing. You will/should cross in Nogales at the Mariposa crossing, using W. Mariposa Road off of I19 as you are coming into Nogales, and not cross at the downtown crossing.

    Hi RickS

      I got the confirmation email when I sent the online form to them.  You have to do that and then they will take your money and mail you your temp TIP to exchange at the crossing.  You are right with my concern. I am worried that the temp card will come a John Doe Smith and not John Doe.  It won't match my passport and residente temporal. 

      I meant km 21 from the border to immigration and customs. Also from your suggestions on one of my earlier questions I will be doing as you suggested and going through at the Mariposa crossing. 


     Thanks again RickS

  9. Hola

     Has anyone had any luck with being able to talk to someone in English at Banjercito ?  I submitted my application for my TIP, I am in Canada right now, and when I got my Internet Application for Temporary Import Permit for Foreign Vehicle receipt it showed some wrong information. On the application it asked for my mother's maiden name, which I put in , but when I got the receipt it had my first and last name and after my last name my mother's maiden name. 

     I have tried one phone number I got from the consulate in Vancouver BC which they said is English but that is just recorded messages for applying for a TIP.  I have sent 3 emails with no response as well as tried 3 different phone numbers but no one can speak English. I have also talked with the Mexican consulate in Phoenix AZ and they have no idea who to talk to.

      All I can see is big problems at KM 21 after I go through Nogales.


  10. Thanks everyone for the info.

    We like San Nicolas because of where it is and it being quite. 

     My AFIB is well managed with the medication I am on and I also have an ECG watch that works wonders.

     Where I live in my home town it is a lot further away from medical care than my new place is in San Nicolas. 

    I was looking for the best option if for some reason I get into an episode and I appreciate everyone's help with your suggestions.


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  11. Sorry, I am not trying to highjack this thread but find it very interesting and I believe the people here could answer a question for me.  

     I will be living in San Nicolas for the winter months and need advice about where is the best place for me to receive medical attention.  I have AFIB and get an episode once in a while. I have looked and found that Cruz Roja would be the closest place for a clinic and ambulance. If I go into an AFIB event I need to either get an electrical cardioversion or drugs to bring my rhythm back to normal.  Would anyone know if Cruz Roja would do this or would I have to go to San Antonio hospital ?  If I would need to go to SA would one of Cruz Rola's ambulances take me there ? Looking at CR's website it looks like they want to take you to Quad.   I won't be down to Lakeside till January and just trying to get a jump on things. No pun intended. 

     Any info and suggestions are greatly appreciated.    TIA

  12. Hola

     I am coming to lakeside from Canada and wondered if anyone knows of an insurance company that offers travel insurance for dogs.  I would be in the lakeside area for 4 months. I have pet insurance here in Canada but the company , PetPlan , I am with does not insure for Mexico, only Canada and USA.  I can't seem to find any company online that would cover him when we travel to Mexico. 

     I just thought I would post here to see if anyone has had experience getting travel insurance for their dog. 


  13. I used rentalcarsdotcom to book a car for arrival at GDL when I was there in September. They handle it all. The car company were had everything waiting for me. 

     Get your insurance that is offered on the website. It is the cheapest. Do not accept any upgrade the rental company offers you when you check in. Make sure you print off all the paperwork that the insurance and booking company sends you and take it to show when you pick up your car. 

     Super easy to drive to Lake Chapala and find your way around. I used Access Lake Chapala to your us around for a day. No pressure and will give you a ton of information. 

    PM me if you would like more information on this.

  14. Hola

      I need to buy a fridge for my new home and wondered about getting one with an ice maker.  Are the filters that come with the fridge good to make the ice cubes safe to use ? I have only ever used bottle water in Mexico.  Suggestions on which manufacturer you prefer.  Your experience about how long the filters last. 


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